What is to simplify? To simplify means different things at different times, in different areas of our lives and different for different people. It can mean to live with more ease, grace, and peacefulness, or to be in the process to get there - wherever there is. Simplify can bring on a life of healthier [...]

Constipation Shitty Stuff

Like mental illness, constipation needs its time on the speaker. Shit is dirty talk to most people's ears, sometime smelly to our noses, including very shitty stuff for some cultures. For some, like Elvis Presley, it caused his death. Many claim how they get irritable or uncomfortable when they don't go to the loo every [...]

Salt Water Bath – Not What You Think

I have to laugh because most people think I am talking about a hot soak in a bath. What I am referring to is the internal salt water bath.  It is a great tool to learn...might just as well replace a colonic, but there are differences. It is inexpensive although the kind of salt used [...]