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Auum Omega 3 Products all contain mammalian oil which stands out because of these benefits:

  • Ideal ratio Auum Omega products provide the Omegas in a ratio of 1:1 quickly helping to balance serum levels
  • DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid) a form of Omega-3 unique to mammals missing in plant and fish. EPA, DHA and DPA in the perfect balance and ratio that our body requires in order to function optimally
  • Absorption is said to be 80-85 % sublingually if Auum’s liquid formulation is held under the tongue for 60 seconds or more. By holding the oil under you tongue for 60 seconds or more, the nutrients are directly, efficiently and almost immediately absorbed into our bloodstream. Liquid means increases our absorption by about 100%
  • Whole food supplement not refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) like many other oils
  • Added Vitamins A, D and E (by product formula)
  • Naturally Free of toxins and heavy metals
  • Natural oils added – lemon and rosemary

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Auum Mission Statement:

Through constant research, development and observation Auum will bring the very best Omega 3 products to the world in order to improve the health of everyone including our children.

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