Some would say this book was due years ago. The journey began on February 8, 2017. More recently was the time for me to write it. After three years in the making, the words hit the printer – start up the presses! All Guts All Glory – Discover the Root Causes of Disease – The Digestive System on Stage Starring the Nervous System was born in April 2020. Time to mature!

All Guts All Glory could have been written by others who had the desire and awareness of the seven stages of disease, only this book takes this understanding further, and reintroduces Toxemia Explained. It includes a chapter on Fats, Omegas, and Seal Oil plus other science-related areas such as what elements we are made up of, a newfound organ, and Fluoride.

Wrote a Book and Published – Check Mark √

The first year and a half were the writing of the book and research but these other steps are necessary to have a finished and polished book – editing, more editing, grammar check, formatting, book cover design, diagrams, publishing research, and reviewers. It was a journey like the many that make up our human lives, our life stories.

Curiosity appears…”whose belly is that on the cover Cheryl?” This question and more will be answered in interviews and presentations.

What Does All Guts All Glory Teach Us

A very good question to ask any author and questions are valued in this book. Question!? and Think For Yourself!

  • This book teaches you the root causes of disease and strongly relates this to our digestive system and nervous system where many health practices including Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine voice all disease begins in the gut. Learn why the digestive system is dysfunctional every time.
  • All Guts All Glory teaches us that life and our health incorporates the body and mind but also taps into spirit and that we are all energy.
  • This book is deeply rooted in bringing forth key understandings that provide a sense of knowing and relief for the person who reads it – created with the schools/practitioners in mind.
  • All Guts All Glory teaches us the importance of healthy fats for managing inflammation and for a healthy brain and nervous system – basic nutrition for our cells to function and to communicate.
  • This book lists most if not all of the digestive conditions that exist today connecting the dots to the stages of disease (for your reference).
  • All Guts All Glory is a big vision book that outlines the fundamentals to bring simplicity into our lives, therefore reducing the stress.
  • This book empowers us to question and provides the tools for your balanced lifestyle with leaving room for your uniqueness and practitioner interaction.

All Guts All Glory provides values in a myriad of ways and awaits your eyes to look upon it for your better health and that of your loved ones.

Learn about All-Guts-All-Glory-book-by-Cheryl-Millett
All Guts All Glory Book is Supported by Our Nature

This Time Right Now In the Moment

There is only the present moment but it is for all of us to understand that this time may be the right time to read this book. I took this into consideration so there will be something for everyone. Empower yourself and tell yourself “you are worthy” of being aware of how nature works and to learn the information shared in the book All Guts All Glory.

Written With Playfulness

Creative writing helps us to express our passion. All Guts All Glory plays into humour for our better health with Acts instead of Chapters. There are poems, puzzles, and playful words upon the pages for your reading pleasure. Just enough to keep our readers engaged.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories

All Guts All Glory brings in diagrams the old fashion way – hand-drawn by the author. These diagrams give the readers a bird’s eye view to heighten our visual senses. But continue to heighten all senses by drawing in the book (touch), reading out loud (sound), and acting upon the information shared by playing with food (touch and smell.)

Learn about All-Guts-All-Glory-book-by-Cheryl-Millett
The All Guts All Glory Book Gets Around

Final Parting Words

A book can stay on a shelf and collect dust but this book along with a shared book list bellows out for your acute attention, your mastered energy, your clear eyes with a call to action (as some would say) to buy.

All marketing aside, there are no expectations for everyone to purchase this book. As the saying goes “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” and teachers are all around us.

Wishing everyone to live the life of healthy possibilities because we are creators of our life through our gifts.

Thought just landed here to acquire this book. All Guts All Glory on Amazon. Select your country if not Canada. For bulk and school copies please contact Cheryl.

Praise for All Guts All Glory:

“All Guts All Glory is well organized with lots of informative pearls that percolated my interest to look into. This book is an informative journey about food traveling through our digestive system. Those devoted to health and looking for any small edge to be healthier, some of this information is gold. This book has made me more mindful of what I consume. Food can be our medicine or our poison and the key to long term health is our food choices. Inspired, I acted quickly and got immediate results.”

Micheal Okumura, Owner & Therapeutic Exercise and Holistic Health Coach,, Toronto, CANADA Author “OneBody”

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“Let’s talk about All Guts All Glory shall we,” says one Puffin to another.