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Welcome to the wonderful world of Iridology, a science and analytical tool for all to use. It may sound mystical to write your eyes tell stories! In truth, all eyes have their unique story, like your fingerprint or dental records.

The Iridology Clinic has been created to make space for more people to learn about and benefit from the practice of Iridology. You may select a reading session, and/or attend a presentation for an education on Iridology which includes iris photos but not a reading. Please see below for details and more information on Iridology.

3rd Saturday of the Month

Upcoming Dates: January 18, February 15 and March 21, 2020

Appointment Times Available for Your Iridology Reading and Presentation:


  • 10:00 – 10:35  Iridology Reading #1
  • 10:45 – 11:20  Iridology Reading #2
  • 11:30 – 12:05  Iridology Reading #3


  • 1:00 – 1:35  Iridology Reading #4
  • 1:45 – 2:20  Iridology Reading #5

3:00 – 4:00 “Iridology: Your Eyes Tell Stories” A presentation $20 per person includes iris photos emailed and a discount of $20 from an Iridology Reading if booked on the day of a presentation.

4:00 – 5:00 Iris Photos Session – included with the cost of the presentation session/education or others welcome to participate for $20/person.

An Iridology reading is $50/person and includes your iris photos emailed to you. Your Iridology Reading includes photo taking, iris assessment, and recommendations. Note: Typical Iridology readings can take up to two hours. This reading has been condensed to focus on the main areas of importance from the constitution to toxicity, and from key markings to digestive function. At your request, readings can be booked for two sessions or more. Further consultations are available at your request based on your results and health goals.

The informative and interactive Iridology presentation includes many photos and information on what Iridology is, how it works, what it can and cannot tell you, key markings, history and much more.

To sign-up, complete the contact form below with a comment on your preferred day and time, reading and/or presentation interest, and any other comments. You will be contacted by email/phone to finalize your availability and arrange payment. All questions are welcomed.

An Iridology Clinic may be set-up at other locations, for example, practitioner offices or homes that have a dedicated space for privacy. In the comments, please indicate if this is of interest. The location must be within a reasonable distance from Toronto, and there must be a minimum number of participants. All details to be discussed.

Iridology, why?

Assess what the issues are and you have a target to work on. Then we can set you on your personal path to wellness.

Nutrition assists us to balance and harmonize our health. It’s very doable.

Iridology is the science and art of studying a person’s iris, primarily the colour part of the eye. It is a diagnostic tool which assists in learning about inherited strengths and weakness, and current health conditions.

Your ConstitutionIridology has been around for hundreds of years…

Iridology has been around for hundreds of years but most recently in the past fifty years due to the research of Dr. Bernard Jensen and others.

Specific markings and discolorations appear in the iris when the body is showing signs of irritation, congestion, toxicity, under-functioning, etc. The eye is connected to all areas of the body via the optic nerve.

Iridology teaches us how the eye is more than just “the window of the soul.”

“All cure starts from within out, from head down, and in the reverse order as the symptoms appeared.” – Hering’s Law of Cure

  • Iridology Introduction & Assessment including recommendations (30 mins)     $ 50.00
  • Iris Photographs ONLY (Emailed)     $ 25/person
  • Group Iris Photographs 3 or more at the same sitting     Save 20%
  • Iridology Presentation Tailored to Your Group (Includes Iris Photos emailed)     $ TBD

For a free initial consultation and more information complete form below or click here for consulting information.

Ask about being a part of the Iridology Tour with Cheryl Millett.  Locations include Nature’s Emporium, The Hive, Toronto Health Studio, etc.

What people and practitioners share:

“This workshop was fascinating and so interesting. It has made me look at my health in a more complete way.” – Tracey

“Very well presented, very informative – your enthusiasm creates wonder in the listener/client.” – Donald
“Very informative, loved learning ALL about this, however I will admit that it was a little too technical for me LOL. I think I got enough that I do understand it. Thank you so much. Loved it overall. You are easy to listen to.” – Michelle
“Done once before 8-10 years ago. Found out that I had IBS. Priceless tool!!!” – Ernestine
“Very interesting session. I honestly could listen for hours. I am chair of the local reflexology chapter. Would love to have you out!.” – Daryl

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