Iridology, why?

Assess what the issues are and you have a target to work on. Then we can set you on your personal path to wellness.

Nutrition assists us to balance and harmonize our health. It’s very doable.

Iridology is the science and art of studying a person’s iris, primarily the colour part of the eye. It is a diagnostic tool which assists in learning about inherited strengths and weakness, and current health conditions.

Your ConstitutionIridology has been around for hundreds of years…

Iridology has been around for hundreds of years but most recently in the past fifty years due to the research of Dr. Bernard Jensen and others.

Specific markings and discolorations appear in the iris when the body is showing signs of irritation, congestion, toxicity, under-functioning, etc. The eye is connected to all areas of the body via the optic nerve.

Iridology teaches us how the eye is more than just “the window of the soul.”

“All cure starts from within out, from head down, and in the reverse order as the symptoms appeared.” – Hering’s Law of Cure

  • Iridology Introduction & Assessment including recommendations (30 mins)     $ 50.00
  • Iris Photographs ONLY (Emailed)     $ 25/person
  • Group Iris Photographs 3 or more at the same sitting     Save 20%
  • Iridology Presentation Tailored to Your Group (Includes Iris Photos emailed)     $ TBD

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