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The Right Omegas for the Right Performance!

Fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle but the required nourishment will be different, in particular, for the elite athlete, the weekend warriors and intense exercise routines. Many coaches, nutritionists, trainers recognize omegas are important for athletes. Which ones?

’21 days of mammalian Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation improves aspects of neuromuscular function and performance in male athletes compared to olive oil placebo’ (PubMed Link)(JISSN Link) – Evan J. Lewis, PW Radonic, TM Wolever, GD Wells (University of Toronto)

‘Elite Athlete Field Research Study 21 days on Auum Essential D3A’ – Cheryl A. Millett BSc Holistic Nutrition (Results Page Link)

Did you know?

Athletes benefit from the intake of omegas in some of the following ways:

  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Better recovery
  • Increased strength and improved performance


Your Auum Experience…Tell us about it!   In what way will you pass on the benefits of Auum?

Evan LewisI have taken omega supplements before, but Auum has helped me increase my focus and reduce my stress levels like no other product.

I will pass on the benefits of Auum to my friends and colleagues by being more efficient and productive.

Evan Lewis – Canadian Sailing Team & Omega 3 Research Read more…

Ryan+Malfara+-+Polar+Race+2011I was shocked at how quickly I noticed a difference in how I felt and how I performed after starting Auum. I started to recover from my workouts amazingly fast, I nearly doubled the weight I was lifting in just 2 days. I am mentally clearer and feel amazing!

I am looking forward to helping many many parents see the benefits of this product for themselves and most importantly their kids.

Ryan Malfara  – Polar Race & Ryan Read more…

Catherine Garceau OlympianAUUM makes a difference for me by giving my brain a boost and what I feel is a necessary EPA protective shield. I’ve interviewed enough wellness experts to know that they all agree in the importance of taking an Omega 3-6 oil.

AUUM is my number source on these essential oils!

I’m excited to be building up my blog and most recommended product page so I can feature the best of the best.  Auum is my #1 recommended EPA supplement, not only for the women I coach with emotional eating challenges, but for entire families and athletes!!!

Catherine Garceau – Olympic bronze medal Sydney 2000 synchronized swimming Read more…

A lot of running depends on my ability to focus, and Auum has allowed me to do so unlike any supplement else I’ve ever taken. It’s allowed me to push myself more then I thought was possible and helped me with keeping a positive attitude on and off the track.

I’ll be able to pass on my Auum benefits to my teammates due to my positive attitude, my ability to train harder which ultimately makes me a better team mate and my ability to stay injury free helping my team.

Matt Muldoon – Setting Westerns fastest 4x800m lead leg in history Read more…

IMG_3083I was introduced to the Auum product while figure competing. I was already taking an omega product however found with the physical & mental stresses of excessive workouts and strict dieting I had low energy, restless sleep & poor concentration. After taking the Auum Sub D I had increased energy, mental focus, quicker recovery time & it allowed for a rejuvenating sleep!

I always tell friends, family and co-workers about the Auum products especially those that are already supplementing with an omega. Even during casual conversations with people that are complaining of an ailment they are experiencing or even their pets are experiencing I tell them to try Auum.  I feel that the benefits of Auum far surpass other products and people should know that.

Kristen Biggs – Reaching National Level in Figure Competing Read more…


trevor_folgering_founder_canada_stair_climbing_associationI have been using the Auum Omega 3. I have had great experiences with this product. I am a Professional stair climber and have been using the Omega-3s for four months now and have experienced great increases of energy during my workout sessions. I feel that using the Omega-3s give me a boost of energy to really push as hard as I can during my training routines. I really love the fact that this product is sublingual. I know that it is quick absorbing and is not getting destroyed by my GI system. The fat soluble solution is cutting edge and I trust in the Auum Products 100 percent.

Trevor Folgering
Founder, Canada StairClimbing Association


“With a background in fitness and health I know how important Omega-3 is. I have taken high levels of fish oil for years. When I had recent blood work my cholesterol levels were excellent, but I didn’t feel any different. Since taking the Auum Omega 3, I HAVE noticed severely reduced muscle discomfort in my hips. I have also noticed that my sleep has improved without taking any sleep aid (I normally take a UBER MAG to help me sleep). This product truly IS amazing and I am making sure all my clients take it.”

Heather Claus, Toronto


Thousands more to come…will you be one of them?

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