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Auum Omega 3 has been taken by children of all ages for a variety of reasons, from ADHD to Autism, from growth issues to learning disabilities, from high performance to reducing inflammation. People learn from reading the results of others so are the Auum testimonials and children as a result of consuming the Auum Omega 3 products.

Did you know?Angry-Inuk-Inuit

In humans, and in all Auum Omega 3 formulations, the fatty acids (DHA, EPA and DPA) are located primarily in the terminal positions [end] of the triglyceride molecules, whereas in fish oil (DHA and EPA) are preferentially present in the middle positions of the triglyceride molecule. The DPA component is absent in fish oils in any substantial amount. Careful selection of raw materials and specialized processing ensures Auum Omega 3 formulations retain very high concentrations of DPA which is a critical component that cannot be synthesized in our bodies.

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Why I believe that Auum Omegas are the best Omega supplements in the world?

Several months ago, I was introduced to Auum and I started to take Auum Omega 3 the same day plus I gave it to my children. My youngest daughter was three and a half at the time. We would sing a tune while holding the Omega-3 under the tongue and watch the clock to finish 45 seconds. We had fun! I must admit, I did not monitor for any outcomes but within three weeks I noticed that my daughter now knew the whole alphabet and most of the sounds. Previously, she only knew her letters J and O (her nickname was JoJo).

Personally, I felt taller and gained more mental clarity in only days. I was impressed.

Auum Testimonials and Children Cheryl Millett Family PortraitAs someone with a background in nutrition, I appreciate that the Auum Omega 3 formulas provide DPA which is a key essential building block in the brain. DPA is passed to children through their mother’s breast milk. Many children are deficient because of not being breastfed or having less than optimal nutrition.

I highly recommend this product, especially the children and the women who will one day have their own children. I believe that our health is our greatest asset and giving health to children, the generation of the future, is a beautiful thing.

For over 7 years, I continue to witness first hand the good results from many others and from conducting the field research studies.

Cheryl Millett, BSc RNCP

Foggy Brain

“Ridley is doing well – he is taking 4 [Auum Omega 3 D-Boost Capsules] in the morning and we try to remember 4 at night, but I think he gets that maybe once a week. I need to figure that out.

SO our little experiment in stopping the O3’s during the summer – we found that he became *foggy* for lack of a better word. When we would ask him questions he would just stare *zombie-like* and not have an answer for us except “ I don’t know”.
Back on the O3’s he is interactive when questioned and is forth coming with questions; as well.” — Pat

[Boy, age 14]

Stubborn CoughAuum Omega 3 Sublingual D3

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you very much for your email. I started using the oil right away and I noticed that my joints were better the next day when I was walking. I go for long walks and usually come home with hip or knee discomfort despite my orthotics. Since I started using the oil my joints are fine! Also I noticed that my son finally got rid of a stubborn cough that was bothering him since November. Despite the fact that his diet is far from Canada’s food guide 😉 and I make sure he eats healthy he was not able to get over this cough. Now it is almost completely gone. Overall I feel it is a great product and I will definitely use it on a regular basis.

Kathy G.

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Genetic Condition Chromosome 8p Inverted Duplication

My son was born with a genetic condition called Chromosome 8p Inverted Duplication. A nice and long name that we translate to “global developmental delays”. It affects things like his speech, eyesight, balance, muscle tone, and developmental milestones.

Auum Testimonials and Children Rose-Anne Turunen Partridge with JohanAfter putting my son on Auum Omega 3, I immediately started seeing little changes that most likely only a mother would notice. My son was more attentive and was very eager to interact with me in “conversation” (he didn’t use words that we could distinguish, but the “babble” increased significantly). Then other changes started to become more noticeable. His teacher in school commented that he was following instructions more independently and was very active.
At home, this “activeness” meant running around the house full speed which he had never done before due to balance issues. We have now had very clear words emerge [Auum Omega 3 Essential D3A]. When I asked him if he wanted his banana, he responded “BANANA!” He actually said the word!
Then one night, as we were walking into the house, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and pointed to the sky. I looked up and saw the night sky was full of beautiful stars as always on a nice clear night in the country. But what was amazing was that I had tried to show him the stars before and he never seemed to take interest or notice. Now he was mesmerized How wonderful! My son’s improvements keep coming along daily.
Rose-Anne Turunen
Documentary Filmmaker, Energy Healer, and Health Activist
For the Love of Our Children
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Auum Testimonials and Children


Auum Testimonials and Children GavynGavyn had many signs of ADHD when he started SK. He has been on various medications from SK until now in Grade 4. He started taking Auum Auum Omega 3 the first week in March… just once daily before school. At the same time his medication was completely stopped. I think the Omega-3 is working well because his school has not called at all. They are unaware that he is off his meds. Previously if his meds were forgotten, the school always called about his behaviour. I am going to ask the school to start giving him a lunchtime dose. He has no problem taking it… holds it for 45 seconds at least and likes the flavour.



Mental Focus

“my entire family is receiving benefits such as better memory and increased mental focus – my daughter raised her math mark from a D to an A.”
Marijane I.

As a massage therapist I believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself in the right environment.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a child, a pregnant woman or a senior, balancing the critical nutrients of Omega-6 and Omega-3 with a “perfect fit” source allows for such healing.

My entire family is receiving benefits from using Auum Omega 3, such as better memory and increased mental focus, but the “miracle” I witnessed was my daughter. A quiet, sensitive and thoughtful child, she had been having significant trouble in school. Her teacher, unwilling to help, repeatedly told her that there was something “wrong” with her. She began withdrawing, crying very often, disliking school – and life. After “assessment”and a psychiatrist’s diagnosis of a “Learning disability”, they mapped out a variety of “modifications” she would need in place to keep up to her classmates.

Auum Testimonials and Children EmmaAfter changing schools and having motivated and caring teachers, she began to believe in herself again. She started refusing any modifications – as she said “there is nothing wrong with me!” She then started Auum Omega 3. After a few weeks I noticed her spelling with much less effort. If I forgot, she would be quick to say “Mom, I need my oil”. Her memory issues diminished and became much more manageable. Her reading speed and level skyrocketed. Emily raised her math mark from D to A. She made it to the finals with her public speaking. With raw determination and a belief in herself now, she has decided she will be an honors student this June. Her teacher believes she can and so do I.

It is a true blessing to see our child happy and confident – nature’s own brilliant miracle!

I urge you to take responsibility for your own health and become your own miracle the way nature intended.

Marijane R.M.T.

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Auum Testimonials and Children


Our son is 11 years old and was diagnosed with autism at age 28 months.

As there is much published literature regarding the use of Omega-3 with the autistic population, we had our son on a fish oil supplement. When we heard about the Omega-3 study to be conducted we knew a mammalian source of Omega-3 would not cause harm and enrolled our son.

The changes were very subtle. We found him more engaged after a few weeks of therapy. He would comment on things that he was noticing for the first time, for example when driving through town. My son seemed to communicate more and wanted to tell us stories. He also maintained better eye contact when speaking with him. His tutor reported that he had better concentration this summer compared to the previous summers.

At times when he became more active we would withhold his second dose for a day or two to bring him back to a more manageable behavior. We also noticed that if his second dose was given later than 2pm he would have difficulty falling asleep at night. These interventions were easily addressed.

In summary, the benefits far outweighed the concerns our son exhibited. This was a worthwhile endeavor for our son and for us as a family.
Mireille Walsh Registered Nurse, Larry Walsh OPP Constable

“He is more relaxed and rested. His speech is improved and his appetite has decreased.’’

Mother of Karlo, age 9 Autism


“Within a week of the 1st bottle a huge increase in her ability to communicate as well as she began using her imagination in play. More focused, more verbal. She is doing really well learning new things with me. We are talking together about many subjects. A lot more interactive.”

Mother of Hailey, age 8, Developmentally delayed, Mild intellectual delay, CAPD (central auditory processing disorder)

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“My daughter hasn’t suffered from depression as before.” Susan V.

under the tongue Superior Sublingual

Our Experiences taking Auum Auum Omega 3

I’ll start by giving you a snapshot of my daughter’s health issues. Since living in Toronto my daughter Aysha has developed progressively more severe asthma, she is now 14 years old and attending an alternative middle school for grade eight.

Over the past six years we have tried months and sometimes years of various alternative treatments along with allopathic medicine some of which included chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbs, homeopathy, nutritional changes, supplements (including salmon oil) and naturopathic medicine. The Chinese medicine was effective for a time but we could not maintain the monetary expense or the time commitment required to show improvement. Allopathically, she has used various prescription bronchodilators, and steroids including prednisone. The latter can have some very nasty effects aside from decreasing inflammation.

Because of our financial situation I had ceased to participate in any alternative therapies for my daughter. Aysha had several asthma attacks last spring and was chronically exhausted. This year at school after a restful summer, she began with energy but within a month was again chronically exhausted. She had two asthma attacks this fall requiring emergency care. She was also at this time taking flovent daily as well as salbutamol. Her fatigue was such that if she went to bed by 8:30 at night I would have great difficulty to wake her at 6:30 the next morning. She always appeared exhausted with puffiness under her eyes in the morning, and was having trouble keeping up with school. Medical tests revealed nothing abnormal save the asthma.

What happens next…

I heard about the AUUM Auum Omega 3 from my friend Akua who was attending an information evening with R.J. Millar. I was able to access the oil through the children’s program with the help of Lillie Hughes. It was approximately three weeks ago that Aysha began taking the oil. Within a few hours of taking it, just after supper, I noticed a lightness of mood came over both my children. At eight thirty we were still sitting chatting at the supper table and Aysha said “ Mom, I know it’s getting late but I don’t feel tired” She went to bed by 9:30 that night.

The next morning when I heard her alarm go off, I prepared myself for having to follow up with dragging her out of bed, exhausted as usual. To my surprise I heard the sound of quick footsteps going up and down the stairs. Then I heard the sounds of someone getting breakfast.

I called out thinking that can’t be Aysha but who else could it be, her brother is still asleep. Aysha called back saying “I’m just getting breakfast and then I’m going to jump in the shower.” This might sound like just a normal conversation but to me it was like waking up into some alternative reality, and thus began our journey back to health. Aysha has had more energy since taking the oil which has allowed her essentially to get her life back. She is more alert at school and able to complete homework assignments without being totally exhausted. She is using her puffer at least 50% less and has resumed walking the 40 minutes to school.

Energy Changes Everything

She recently was interviewed and accepted for an International Baccalaureate Program for high school. She had to prepare a performance piece for this and I don’t think she would have had the energy to undertake such a task previous to taking the oil. It is hard to describe how precious it is to witness my daughter’s increased vitality. She has shifted from barely getting through the day to thriving.

My son Michalem who is eleven years old also began taking the oil the same evening. Michalem is a very intelligent person with social skills beyond his years who also has a learning disability in where the school has been an endless source of frustration for him. This fall I removed him from the public system and we have been doing home schooling. A shift that I have noticed for Michalem since taking the oil is that he is just so much more positive, and affectionate. This permeates everything he does from his school work to his interactions with his sister and I. I also see an improvement in the time it takes him to transfer knowledge and skills into his long term memory. I look forward to seeing what the next few months bring as the quality of our lives has already vastly improved!

Thank you, Janice

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Auum Testimonials and Children


“Higher energy, I can focus better, concentration is better. Eye colour changed. Energy is much higher and I sleep better, awakening more rested. Falling asleep more easily and awaking less. The overall changes have been of well being. I am less stressed. I have confidence when talking to people.”

Jessie, age 17, ADHD 


“Approximately 5 days after starting the Omega-3 supplement, I noticed that Dylan could focus more on one task at a time. I also noticed changes in his behaviour.”

Mother of Dylan, age 9, twin to Tyler, ADD


“Approximately 5 days after starting the Omega-3, I noticed a good change in Tyler. His behaviour is much better; he understands when he is told “no” to something. Much less tantrums. His concentration is better.”

Mother of Tyler, age 9, twin to Dylan, ADD

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I’m a mother of 3, two boys 7 and 5 and a 2.5yr old little girl. Our oldest son is diagnosed with ASD, our middle son was recently diagnosed with emerging signs of ADHD. Our lives are hectic to say the least. It has been just over 2 months that we have been taking the Auum Omega 3 Sublingual-D. In that time we’ve noticed that the kids are so affectionate (to us and each other), calmer and just an overall sense of peacefulness.

My youngest daughter who was having trouble sleeping through the night has started to improve in that department after starting the oil. I’ve noticed that I am much calmer and that foggy feeling I sometimes had isn’t such a problem anymore, it’s easier to organize my thoughts and express myself. Overall taking the oil has had a positive impact on our family.

Thanks to Josephine and Auum

AnnaMaria Scrofano Stouffville , Ontario

Auum Testimonials and Children Stephen’s Story

My 13-year-old son Stephen was identified at the age of 5 with some developmental delays. This was seen in his mental development, fine and gross motor skills. In Grade 3 he was diagnosed as having learning disabilities and was given extra help at school. I then visited a naturopath and made changes in his diet as he had a lot of nutritional deficiencies. To help me understand how to effectively do that, I became a holistic nutritionist. Stephen’s treatment plan included Omega-3 fish oil supplements with a focus on increasing the DHA. We saw improvement in that he was able to sit and be more settled, he was able to focus a little more, but memory, reading, math and comprehension continued to be a struggle.

In March 2010 I was introduced to Omega-3 Auum Omega 3 and was surprised by the turn around. Three days after starting the product he read for 2 hours, he subsequently finished 3 chapter books in one month and read one in 3 days. He also was able to study for a duet drama and remember his words in a short space of time. His comprehension is improving and he is also expressing himself a little more. His teachers also have noted the improvement. Even though he was receiving the nutrients in his diet and supplementation, the DPA found in the Omega-3 Auum Omega 3 might have been the missing link.

Kimberly Y. Richmond Hill, Ontario

And more…

Hi Susan,

Thanks for wanting to use my experience with the Auum Omega 3 product as I recently got in contact with both of my son’s teachers and they have both told me that they have seen some progress. I will share two correspondences I had from his teacher.

So long and thanks again,


Teacher comments:

February 10th 2010
Good day Mrs. Y,

Based on observations, Stephen often appears bored or uninterested that is not to say he is not doing his work. Stephen completes his task at his pace, however, I would like to see more interest from him. I can’t say he is fatigued because I don’t remember seeing him yawn as frequent as he did within the first term. Stephen has taken more initiative to ask questions though.

Best of health, Mr. Man

April 14th 2010

Hi Mrs. Y.

There are encouraging signs made by Stephen. There was an inner motivation to do well in duet drama performance and he did inform me of how he felt a sense of accomplishment with finishing a book in three days. Mrs. Wilson has got him hooked on reading! With these improvements in mind, I would like to see more participation during Science class from Stephen (e.g. responding to open questions in class), but, small progressive steps are a good sign. I hope this helps.

Best of health, Mr. Man

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