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Omega is a buzzword!  As good as fish oils are, mammalian omegas take it further. Auum omegas even further as they are unrefined, more efficient, more effectively absorbed, results are noticeable, and more.

Whether you have or not, this newsletter may be for you as the benefits are global in our bodies. Omegas benefit brain function, nerve health, hormonal functioning, clear brain fog, immune system, bones and muscles, and more. Cheryl will provide education on omegas (essential fatty acids and fat soluble nutrients – Vitamin A and D), up to date research for interested parties, including customers, clients and practitioners.

Cheryl Millett has presented at various conferences, shows, events and wellness centers including The Certified Professional Trainers Network Inc., CSNNAA Holistic Nutrition Conference, Canfitpro, SWIS Symposium 2015, and many more.

Follow the ever expanding information of omegas. Best of health!