Words Upon A Page

Enjoy a mixture of quotes from the likes of Mark Twain and others plus I introduce to you some quotes by Miss Cheryl Millett who is an agent of change and inspires this world to be the best it can be. Return here every once in awhile for updates.

“Typing words on a page only gets better when one reaches deep inside to see what stirs the philosophical fancy while experiencing life enfolding around us. Enjoy and ponder the following quotes that just roll off my tongue to my keyboard or pen,” shares Cheryl Millett of Toronto Canada, a person just like you upon this earth .

Note: All quotes are written by Cheryl Millett of Toronto, Canada (there are more people that go by this name) who freely shares her quotes and should you use any of these remember to kindly quote the author.

“Life just gets more interesting when you say interesting.” – Cheryl Millett, Toronto, Canada Sep 2019

“Make the mistake over and over again but have the faith that at some point the lesson will shine through.” – Cheryl Millett Toronto, Canada

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal. — Paulo Coelho

“Oh! whatever shall I do…Eat well! Move well! Sleep well! Think well! Live Well! Be aware! Be free! Be you! Be still! Be well!” – Cheryl Millett

“The soul is all colours yet one still looks at the outer pitch.” — Cheryl Millett

“There is a world I see that is a projection of what’s inside me.”

— Cheryl Millett

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“Take heart and follow the beat of your journey.” – Cheryl Millett Sep 2019

“Good things happen when you drink water everyday instead of every other day, but the magic happens when you drink enough water.”

– Cheryl Millett, Toronto, Canada 2019

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” — Mark Twain
“Remember, there is always HOPE.”

“Shall humans be more open to those messages that serve our health for good living no matter the century, and not those messages that are backed by greed, selfishness and control, which seems to span many a century.”

Scotland offers many an opportunity to reflect on what nature teaches us. Cheryl takes groups on walking holidays – an opportunity to connect with nature and its beauty many times over.

– Cheryl Millett (2018)

Are you letting go, or letting ego? That is the question.” – Cheryl Millett

“Open doors…take a leap of faith.” — Cheryl Millett

Only the beginning…