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AUUM Mammalian Omega-3s improves nerve fiber length in Type 1 diabetes by 29% an amount greater than expected (Diabetic Neuropathy Study Results University of Toronto).

AUUM Omega-3s are changing the way doctors and healthcare practitioners see other omega-3 sources. To learn more about mammalian omega-3, contact me today for education and product. Buy today to feel the difference.

I will continue one on one personal assessments, nutritional coaching, my wellness seminars, and letting people know how AUUM Omega-3 could change their life. I’m thrilled to announce the Holistic Mentorship Course for all holistic nutritionists/practitioners.  There’s so much news to share! Let’s keep it simple…your path enters here. Thanks to you and the community of like-minded who are driven to change the world and make it a better, healthier place.

Your Champion for Better Health, Cheryl Millett

Healthy Life Coaching

Your path to better health. Consultation, Assessment, Personal Protocol and Support

Champion for your Better Health

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Omega Health Breakthrough

Auum Omegas outperform Fish and Plant Omegas. It can be the most important action you take.

The Omega3 that changes everything.

Most of today’s diseases are related to Omega deficiencies. Auum is one of the best kind of Omega3s on the planet.

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Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Join the like-minded at the Toronto Midtown Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

More resources and networking power!

Fertile ground for holistic professionals. Networking, Partnerships, Mentorships.

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Wellness-centric Services and Communities

You’re taking the first step, so let’s get to know you and what you want to accomplish with your health – a comprehensive assessment for your individualized protocol. My Research, Experience and Degree in Holistic Nutrition are extensive. My purpose is to help others through re-education and returning to a lifestyle the human body was designed for. Wouldn’t anyone like to experience what it was like to feel good again – a healthier body, mind, relationship with self and lifestyle?

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Presentations, Webinars, Community and Corporate Health…

I’m often on the road to another engagement to educate and give people the tools and guidance to get better. Corporate Health matters a lot to productivity and when people feel good they’re happier, less stressed and more productive. They can even become more creative problem solvers at work! With a Degree in Holistic Nutrition I have become very well versed in lifestyle re-education. I sometimes use other modalities like Iridology and Detox (or Cleansing). Most importantly is the research behind Auum mammalian Omega3s and how it positively impacts overall health. It’s a real breakthrough in Bioscience.

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This Comprehensive Workshop is dedicated to all Holistic Practitioners and Mentors for their dedication to help others build a healthier world. Our community provides guidance and support with our common thread for a healthier body, mind, relationship with self, and lifestyle.

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Welcome! The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is a growing organization representing holistic and holistic-minded professionals, practitioners, businesses and people. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible – Healthier People on a Healthier Planet! The Toronto Midtown Chapter is vibrant and growing.

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What Clients Say

Thank you so much for coming out to the Group on Tuesday. They loved your presentation and thought it was very informative.
Nikki Goldman Stroh, BA, DTATI, RCAT, Director of Seasons Family Centre
When it comes to healthy Omegas, Cheryl knows her stuff and knows how to make it relevant to her audience. A fascinating and enlightening evening. Thank you, Cheryl.
Julia von Flotow, Mindfulness Coach for Executives, Career & Life Transitions, Entrepreneurial Success & Leadership Development
I highly recommend Cheryl as a consultant for your health, particularly regarding Omega3. She has done her homework and is happy to share her results with you.
Laura McCallum, Owner at Immune Health Solutions
Cheryl has a passion for helping people achieve their full health potential. She has a wonderful ability to connect with people, with her warm, open personality. A real gem.
Barbara Kostenuk, Registered Nurse