‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health


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‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health provides key exercises for at home to learn the importance of proper stretching and moving for feeling better and looking younger.

Product Description

Announcing an unique interactive workshop called ‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health

Make a move to understand the body with home-based easy-to-do exercises that anyone can learn and practice regularly involving the spine, arms, legs, and more. These exercises can be used therapeutically and were designed by a medical doctor. I discovered these exercises while researching for my book ‘All Guts, All Glory’ which is now complete. More on the discovery and doctor during the workshop introduction.

The Right Moves – Foundational Information – Move Well

Several months ago, an idea struck me regarding teaching these certain exercises or movements that would help you to move your entire spine, plus more in the comfort of your home. These moves are basic but make a difference to your health from the digestive system to your circulation.

As it came together over the summer, the time is now to launch. I have been incorporating these exercises into my day for over a year.

Movement Benefits

You can expect: spinal flexibility for better movement and nerve function; vital nerves are invigorated; improvements to hearing, sense of smell, and taste; better digestive function; overcoming constipation if applicable; strengthening ligaments and membranes; improvement to the muscles of the bladder and rectum; muscle development; beneficial to irritable bladder and prostate enlargement; grow to look and feel younger and more. There are no magic bullets but the body is a miracle.

Important Session Information

Next sessions will be April 2019 with a maximum of 6 people per session.

Each session is 2 different days, one week apart. Each day requires 3 hours of demos, practicing, and learning. The week in between will allow for you to practice and incorporate into your day.

Fall Session One – November 2 & 9 2019 – 1 – 4 pm

Fall Session Two – November 30 & December 7 2019 – 10 am – 1 pm

2020 – TBA

*Where dates are TBA and you wish to participate in an upcoming session Contact Me.

What to Expect in this Interactive Workshop

  • An Introduction & History of Movements
  • Tension Movements, Explanation & Demo
  • Posture Considerations & Core Strength
  • Breathing & Metabolism
  • 5 Simple Good Sleeping Practices
  • #1 Health & Safety Tip and Why


  • 3 basic eating habits that change everything
  • Clean diet principles that are consistent with nature

Also Included

A light snack and spa water


3 reviews for ‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health

  1. Cheryl Millett

    Liked that I got to practice, go through exercises. Great amount of time for questions. Why I would recommend this workshop to you? Exercises are great, and great info beyond (regular) exercises.
    – Anonymous

  2. Cheryl Millett

    Enjoyed learning the exercises and I practiced 3x throughout the week. Very inspired to incorporate good healthy foods and sleep habits. Why would I recommend this workshop to others?
    Very informative about movements, releasing tension and being mindful of eating well.
    – Sue

  3. Cheryl Millett

    Why would I recommend this workshop to others?
    Everybody should know how to eat the right way.
    – Anonymous

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