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Omegas with natural Vitamin D3 from newborns to children to the golden years.

Auum Omega 3 has been taken by all ages for a variety of reasons, from ADHD to MS, from Cancer to reducing inflammation and much more. It has been clear to me, people learn from reading the results of others. Here are the Auum testimonials and adults as a result of consuming the Auum Omega 3 products.Brain and omegas

Did you know?

In humans, and in all Auum Omega 3 formulations, the fatty acids (DHA, EPA and DPA) are located primarily in the terminal positions [end] of the triglyceride molecules, whereas in fish oil (DHA and EPA) are preferentially present in the middle positions of the triglyceride molecule. The DPA component is absent in fish oils in any substantial amount. Careful selection of raw materials and specialized processing ensures Auum Omega 3 formulations retain very high concentrations of DPA. This critical component cannot be synthesized in our bodies.

If you have a testimonial please contact Cheryl Millett.

Why I believe that Auum Omegas are the best Omega supplements in the world?

In 2008, I was introduced to seal oil by another Holistic Nutritionist and I started to take Auum Omega 3 as soon as it arrived in the mail. I also gave it to my children. My youngest daughter was three and a half at the time. We would sing a tune while holding the Omega-3 under the tongue and watch the clock to finish 45 seconds. We had fun! I must admit, I did not monitor for any outcomes but within three weeks I noticed that my daughter now knew the whole alphabet and most of the sounds. Previously, she only knew her letters J and O (her nickname was JoJo). Personally, I felt taller and gained more mental clarity in only days. I was impressed.

Cheryl Millett Family PortraitAs someone with a background in nutrition, I appreciate that the Auum Omega 3 formulas provide DPA which is a key essential building block in the brain. DPA is passed to children through their mother’s breast milk. Many children are deficient because of not being breastfed or having less than optimal nutrition.

I highly recommend this product, especially the children and the women who will one day have their own children. I believe that our health is our greatest asset and giving health to children, the generation of the future, is a beautiful thing.

For several years, I continue to witness first hand the good results from many others and from conducting the field research studies.

Cheryl Millett, BSc RNCP



Great Auum results for my knee.  You mentioned that I could commit to more per month and get it at a reduced price.  What do I need to do?


Former dancer, Toronto, Ontario

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“My husband has been taking the oil since the conference and notes that he has been sleeping better and waking refreshed.”  Susan


Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for your message! It is going really well with the sub D. Every single cell in my body LOVES it!! I find myself craving even the taste of it.

I will keep in touch.

“People say I look younger.”  Molly G.
There are many theories to explain MS – is it an autoimmune disease or is there a viral component or infectious component? Why are some people virtually fine after an attack and others end up suffering multiple attacks, their debilitation mounting up against them. These are just a few of the questions I wanted answers to after my attack nearly two years ago. Unfortunately, those answers never really came, but I believe my base understanding of MS improved. After trying a succession of different medications, which helped and hurt to various degrees, I tried Auum on the advice of a very dear friend. With my first dose, my face flushed with heat and circulation – everyone in the room commented on it. I told my friend I was interested and although I have only been using it only since August, I am noticing some positive changes, including diminished pain. I have also noticed that I feel more strength – my hands in particular feel more coordinated and strong (I don’t have to ask my husband to open jars as much… if I do, I tell him I’m flirting with him). I can’t control every aspect of my illness, but I will keep striving for my health.
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Dear Cheryl
“Thank you again for taking the time to call me yesterday to discuss Auum. We love your product here. I myself have been taking it and have noticed a significant difference. I used to always be cold and since I have been taking it I am rarely cold now, and am way less emotional than I used to be.”

Jenn Quench Essentials,


“My dry eye related to wearing contact lenses is no longer a problem.” Hollie H.

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you very much for your email. I started using the oil right away and I noticed that my joints were better the next day when I was walking. I go for long walks and usually come home with hip or knee discomfort despite my orthotics. Since I started using the oil my joints are fine! Also I noticed that my son finally got rid of a stubborn cough that was bothering him since November. Despite the fact that his diet is far from Canada’s food guide 😉 and I make sure he eats healthy he was not able to get over this cough. Now it is almost completely gone. Overall I feel it is a great product and I will definitely use it on a regular basis.
Kathy G.
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cheryl millett, Auum omega 3, mammalian omega, vitamin D3, healthy balance 4 you, holistic nutritionist

As a massage therapist I believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself in the right environment.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a child, a pregnant woman or a senior, balancing the critical nutrients of Omega 6 and Omega 3 with a “perfect fit” source allows for such healing.

My entire family is receiving benefits from using Auum Sublingual D, such as better memory and increased mental focus, but the “miracle” I witnessed was my daughter. A quiet, sensitive and thoughtful child, she had been having significant trouble in school. Her teacher, unwilling to help, repeatedly told her that there was something “wrong” with her. She began withdrawing, crying very often, disliking school – and life. After “assessment”and a psychiatrist’s diagnosis of a “Learning disability”, they mapped out a variety of “modifications” she would need in place to keep up to her classmates. After changing schools and having motivated and caring teachers, she began to believe in herself again. She started refusing any modifications – as she Emma said “there is nothing wrong with me!” She then started Sublingual D. After a few weeks I noticed her spelling with much less effort. If I forgot, she would be quick to say “Mom, I need my oil.” Her memory issues diminished and became much more manageable. Her reading speed and level skyrocketed. She raised her math mark from D to A. She made it to the finals with her public speaking. She has raw determination and a belief in herself now, and she has decided she will be an honors student this June. Her teacher believes she can and so do I.

It is a true blessing to see our child happy and confident – nature’s own brilliant miracle!

I urge you to take responsibility for your own health and become your own miracle the way nature intended.

Marijane R.M.T.

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For the last 6 months I have been taking Auum Omega 3.  I have noticed a significant reduction of discomfort in my back and left leg. I can now sit comfortably in the car and my sleep in is not interrupted with any leg discomfort. I also noticed my skin is not as dry!
Yvette Fournier

I was introduced to Auum Omega 3 at the beginning of September in 2009. As a secondary school teacher surrounded by 1600 + kids everyday I was interested in the immune boosting potential of seal oil and having heard some interesting testimonials thought I’d give it a try. I found it easy to adopt the routine of taking the recommended dose each day and now 7 months later, I’m happy to report an entire cold and flu season has passed and I have yet to miss time at work due to illness.

Darlene Fournier
Curricular Head, Health and Physical Education
Chinguacousy Secondary School

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Hello,immune system and omegas
My name is Shirley Bowers, and I have been taking the Auum oil for a few months now. My skin has always been dry, and now I have seen a difference in the tone and appearance of the skin on my arms and legs. It is not as dry or hard to the touch. Also my hair has a silky feel even washing it every day. It used to be dry especially at the ends and oily around the scalp. Now it has a nice feel to it. But, the biggest difference is the discomfort in my hip and leg has subsided tremendously. Before I couldn’t drive for more than 30 minutes without feeling lots of discomfort, and now I can drive comfortably, and even mow the lawn. I can’t recall the last time I suffered with the discomfort, and my husband and I have started our walking routine again.I have IBS, and sometimes it has caused me great pain. Since taking omegas, I no longer suffer from the discomfort and the embarrassing noise is almost all gone as well. That is a blessing to me.It is a good product and I am happy with the results.
Shirley Bowers
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
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Barbara K on Auum OmegasI have been using the Auum oil for almost 2 years now. I have experienced many subtle changes, as I am very in tune with my body. I have better quality sleep and clear recall of my dreams, and clarity in my thinking on most days. Good brain food. My nails are growing faster, and are very strong. Prior to using the Auum oil, my nails were slightly brittle, and I would bite them. My bad habit is gone. My hair grows so much faster now, and looks a lot healthier. I believe my lungs are healthier, as I feel my breathing is so much better, and I haven’t had any respiratory infections for quite a few years. I was always prone before. I have to say that I also build up my immune system with other necessary supplements that work more effectively with the Auum oil.
The Auum oil sublingual has vit D in it, and this is so crucial for the immune system and bone health. The Auum oil helps lubricate the cells, and allow for better assimilation of nutrients. Essential fatty acids in the Auum oil, are what we have to put into our body, this is why it is essential, and I feel this perfect oil is working wonders for helping my body work most efficiently.
Barbara Kostenuk R.N. and holistic health practitioner
cheryl millett, Auum omega 3, mammalian omega, vitamin D3, healthy balance 4 you, holistic nutritionistAs a student of Natural Health Sciences I am aware of the benefits of the Omega 3. Shortly after adding Auum Omega 3 to my diet and daily routine I started to notice increase in energy and alertness and a more restful sleep. I did notice a positive change in the softness & manageability of my hair. I used to be a nail biter, but now I’ve noticed that my nails are growing much faster and stronger.
Overall I feel better since taking this Omega 3, knowing that I am making a wise choice for my health now & in the future. Thank you AUUM!
21 years old
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Due to a series of incidents that led to an incredible increase in blood pressure, I suffered a small frontal lobe stroke in November of 2006. I had just started to take the Omega 3 capsules the month before; I continue taking them to keep my blood pressure from climbing. The winter was long and I couldn’t get out much. I lay on the couch and watched TV most of the day. The Omega capsules were helping to keep my blood pressure in check, and helped with alertness. Then in April of 2007 I was introduced to the Sublingual D.

I took the required half teaspoon of Sublingual and went back to bed. I awoke twenty minutes later, I felt good, ate breakfast, did the dishes, I started my rock tumblers, something I had not done for a year, and then I decided to clean the yard. The Sublingual D helped me break through a depression I was unaware I had.
I feel energetic, alert; I am back to teaching, researching & writing courses. No one can tell that I’ve had a stroke; my blood pressure is pretty stable and feels I am back to normal.

Richard C. (age 57) Timmins
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I met Lwandile in South Africa while he was taking a leadership program. He is a South African youth that is looking to make a difference and with this leadership education he will be able to help other youths look forward to a positive future.  This is his share.
Hi Cheryl
Lwandile here, we met in Cape Town, South Africa at Oatland Resort.. Had a chat and you gave that bottle of Brain food to try out.. Well! I have to say that I started using it three days ago. And. WOW! it took me to a level of thought I wasn’t prepared for. I have been using it according to your instructions and got the response., immediately I started using it, i dreamed when i went to bed. and woke up still remembering what i had dreamed of. AMAZING. but sadly my dreams where nightmares. I’m not doubting anything though, as i am well aware that my dreams do reflect whats in my sub-conscious mind.. Am looking forward to more of those dreams, coz at least now i have them and remember them clearly and detailed when i awake.
Thank you very much for helping out.. Now i would like to know how can I get ahold of the oil? if i need more. Or is it just a once off experiment.. I would like to share this experience with my friend who also happen to be very spiritual and in tune with themselves.
I believe the brain food to be a revolution.. Especially to people that know themselves and want to understand more about their being.
Thank you very much for the experience you have given me.
Hope you are or enjoyed your stay in our beautiful country and our continent.. And wish you all the best with your future ventures
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Now that I’m back from South Africa, I’m noticing its impact a lot more. Brain focus is up, calmness/relaxation, clarity. Good stuff.   ~ John
OMG I love it Cheryl. The chiro’s are a big fan of the oil. My period has been painless while I was on it and don’t ask how I just noticed that….I would love to continue please help me. ~ Regina
My dreaming is vivid and memorable, I’d appreciate the boost~ William
“I have more energy and mental clarity.” Theresa S.
Greetings Cheryl,
As I told you before I found I was getting a result with the first bottle–but I just could not quite believe it. Hence, took a break from daily dose for about a week to see the effect. Noticed I was feeling down and lethargic. Subsequently went back on the seal oil and found, to my relief, that I was feeling a healthy/more energetic high once again. As described, for me it is a serene or calm sensation, not to mention a heightened sense of spirituality/connection with the Holy Spirit. So, yes, it seems to be doing something for me, which I am pleased with.Thanks for your e-mail and I will at present likely continue with the product in order to reap its benefits. My nutritional needs regarding fatty acids are acute so I find this supplementation a welcomed bonus facet to my daily vegetable oil doses. You just cannot beat that feeling of well-being!
Thanks for everything,
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I had just begun my period and had severe cramping. I felt very drained, but once I took that first dose of Auum D3A the cramping had ceased and my energy levels were as if it were a normal day. As I continued taking the product I noticed that my energy levels are great. I am currently in school and have a lot of homework to complete and much of the studying is on my own at home. I find that I am retaining much more than I usually would. Now I find that the information is “sticking”.
This is my second month in school. Because I get massaged everyday for a week per month, my body does tend to go through a detoxification of sorts. I often felt very drained at the end of each day, especially by the end of that week. The D3A has been such a  help in maintaining my energy levels. I do not feel drained like I previously did.
Candis B.  RMP   (single Mom)
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Auum and dental health…

Dear Cheryl,
I’ve been on a double dose of Auum for the last two months.  At my recent 6 month check up my dentist Dr. Aliea Butt remarked at how good my gums looked. For the first time in my many dental visits I scored a perfect 10.  That has never happened.
What changed.  Auum was the only extra element added to my daily routine.  I also floss more properly which I sure helps. However flossing before would cause some bleeding of the gums.  Not anymore.
Thanks to Auum.
Dave C.
Lab Rat for Auum (a person with a sense of humour)
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“my shoulder discomfort that I suffered for years from an auto accident is totally eliminated.” Steven K.
I discovered this product through a friend of Rose’s who insisted I try it. I was skeptical but after a few days began to notice all of the changes that you and your customers describe. I was taking what I now discover to be a slightly higher dose. My friend Cindy suggested I take the Sublingual D for my body and the D3A for my mind. So I took the recommended dosage of both simultaneously.
I’m not sure whether it was related to the higher dose or other factors like emotional stress in my life but I did go through some joint pain for a few weeks. I was still elated at the build up in my energy, focus, sensory capacity and overall strength. I felt like I was looking at life through a “high def” TV screen. More importantly, I just felt stronger and better.
I’ve been off of it now for about ten days and can feel my body shifting back to the old “normal” which has also been very revealing and mildly alarming.
I’m a believer now and am telling anyone who will listen about this amazing stuff – including my father who is a medical oncologist and my mother who is a cancer survivor. They both have huge networks that would benefit from this formula.
I am going to purchase a bottle of the D3A from your distributor on this round but eventually I think I’m going to start ordering it from your distribution centre. Who knows, I may even become a distributor once I’ve got enough people interested.
Thanks for your part in making this amazing supplement available to the public. You have a committed fan and promoter in me!
Blessings and peace,
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I am convinced that Auum oil protected my brain and my body from becoming completely ravaged by undiagnosed Lyme Disease bacteria. Since August 2007, my health started spiraling down, with constant infections, severe headaches, chills, fevers, exhaustion unrelieved by rest, concentration problems, loss of feeling in fingers, dragging ankle, balance problems, vertigo and more. No doctor or specialist could diagnose the cause for sure and I had a list of different diagnoses, scores of tests and saw many different doctors.

In June 2009 I started taking Auum oil, as a grasping-at-straws effort to try anything to improve my quality of life. Within days I noticed a change, especially in sleep patterns, and becoming more lucid when woken up. Energy levels improved. Although the infections still came, I felt more equipped to deal with them, as well as the myriad doctor’s appointments to treat each individual occurrence.

Finally, in February 2010, I could diagnose myself with Lyme Disease, with the help of a friend who has a daughter undiagnosed with Lyme disease for ten years. Antibiotic treatment started, which finally helped improve things. Since the disease went undetected for 3 years, the damage is extensive and it will take years to try and recoup the health I lost, and to try and restore damage done to all my organs. Auum is still an important part of my support system, and I wouldn’t be without it. I firmly believe that without Auum oil, I would not have been able to continue working at the part-time job I had, while being undiagnosed.

My goal now is to get more awareness about Lyme Disease, and to add my voice to ask for protection of the patients and the doctors who try to treat Lyme, as well as to ask for better tests in Canada.

Please read more about Lyme Disease on the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation’s website:

Marlene S. from Brampton, Ontario

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I started taking Auum’s Omega-3 in October 2006 when I was seven months pregnant. I immediately experienced more energy and my back pains subsided. After giving birth, I returned to my normal weight within three weeks!!

Before my pregnancy I experienced dysmenorhea, but after my pregnancy, my period started right away, completely regular with no spotting.

I also noticed that my hair has started growing back in my receding hairline area.

I had been taking other Omega-3 products earlier during my pregnancy but I was still extremely tired between clients. I am a Naturo-Therapist and Nutritionist and I am in my mid thirties. The Auum Omega 3 has made a big difference for my health and I continue taking it daily. I also educate all of my clients on the positive results of taking this particular Omega-3.

I give this product to my baby Thalya who is now 13 months old. She has never suffered from diaper rash, was never been sick when her front teeth came in, and only lately has she experienced a slight fever due to teething. She is also mild mannered, very attentive and alert with wide, clear blue eyes. I most certainly appreciate how easy she has been to care for since she sleeps all of her nights, 8pm to 7am and still has no naps during the day. It is so comforting not to have to worry about her health.

Lisa Lariviere

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Auum and Headaches

Just thought I’d pass on this little bit of good news …It’s from another girl that used to miss a lot of time because of Migraines. This is month three – she’s sleeping better – and feeling better. She just started up a part time dog grooming business which she wanted to do for a long time but was never able to because of the headaches. Another little victory…read on.

Hey DB,

I just mailed in my order form today for my monthly shipments, so I should be okay until it comes… hopefully! I just started a new bottle a couple days ago so I should be okay.
By the way… No headaches this week!! Good sign… I didn’t even get one last weekend which is the first weekend in a long time! Hopefully it’s kicked in!
Thank you!


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Julia von Flotow
Mindfulness Coach for Executives, Career & Life Transitions, Entrepreneurial Success & Leadership Development

When it comes to healthy Omegas, Cheryl knows her stuff and knows how to make it relevant to her audience. Not all fats are equal! The human body requires Omega 3 and Omega 6 in equal proportion for proper cell and brain function and optimum health…it’s the only oil the body requires and there’s only one known source for this essential oil. The more I learn, the less I know! A fascinating and enlightening evening. Thank you, Cheryl.

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