Cleansing toxins may be the answer you are waiting for.

Feel better, stronger, more energy!


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The two words that come to my mind is natural and necessary. Our bodies do it naturally when efficient and out of necessity because there are both internal (metabolic waste) and external toxins that need to be eliminated. What if this is not happening?

How toxins affected me and what I did about it…

After having two kids, I would wake up in the middle of the night, and I also had ringing in my ears. After experiencing the benefits of eating better and safely cleansing, I began sleeping through the night. Excited to say that after only a few months I had no more ringing in my ears. I shared this with my family and clients and many more success stories resulted from cleansing naturally.

Cleansing may be the answer your body is waiting for – a kick start into learning how to love and care for your body. If you are hoping to strengthen your immune system, find more energy, achieve better health, lose weight and/or gain lean muscle, or improve your nutrition, the For Your Better Health Program may be just what you need!

You can’t see them all, but toxins are everywhere. I am not referring to bacteria and other such things that support our immune system, etc. which is healthy for us.Isagenix cleanse testimonial, Cleansing Toxins

Toxins are present in:

  • air, water sources and food
  • skincare, cosmetics, and nail polish
  • household cleaners, laundry soap, and candles
  • new furniture, clothing and vehicles
  • waste by-products of your body’s energy process
  • and much more.

Toxins may not be visible but you can feel the results of them.  From headaches to diabetes, from autoimmune diseases to cancer, our bodies display a wide array of symptoms.   There are many reasons to support our body to cleanse naturally and other reasons to consider how to achieve this.  In either case, the whole person should be considered hence both cleansing and detoxing methods are best explored with a qualified practitioner.

“It is no longer a question of if we are carrying too many toxic compounds, but how much and how do they harm us.”
Becky Natrajan, M.D.

Health Assessment Questionnaire, Cleansing ToxinsContact Cheryl Millett for a complimentary personal Health Assessment.

Any nutritional cleanse program includes a clean diet. Start with the clean diet or choose to give your whole food diet a boost with programs that have been scientifically proven that include over 200 nutrients to replenish your body at the same time such as ingredients like aloe vera, yellow dock root, and Siberian ginseng.

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