‘NNo Snacks Movemento Snacks Movement’

The ‘no snacks movement’ is an experiment…looking at one aspect of healthy nutrition and your eating habits. Eating causes our blood sugars to rise and currently, diabetes and prediabetes is an epidemic according to Diabetes Canada.  Diabetes has life threatening complications which is the key reason for the ‘no snacks movement’.

Diabetic neuropathy is underlying these complications. The University of Toronto completed a research study in 2016 showing very positive results with a nutraceutical intervention on Diabetic neuropathy.

Snacks are unnecessary, well, there may be a good time for them (think mini meals). Some can get away with more snacks than others. Let’s not make this a groupie thing or put it on a pedestal. Healthy blood sugars and blood sugar management is and always will be healthy for our body. Watch for my videos on Instagram (CherylMillettHealth) or Facebook. Coming to Youtube in the future.

This page is a work in progress as there are dozens of ideas to cover with a number of good questions.

(Pssst…I think some people are going to miss eating snacks but if they are feeling healthier for it, then GRRREAT.)


Who is the ‘no snacks movement’ for?

Everyone. Anyone who is not in need for extra calories. Remember we are only referring to those that have 3 healthy meals a day. This would include toddlers, school age children, up to the golden years. If you are very active, then replenishing your system with nutrient dense foods may include after workout food. You may be hearing about people that only having 1-2 meals per day (snacks not included). For more information on the ‘no snacks movement’ and whether it is for you, contact me today.

Why the ‘No Snacks Movement’?

One day after school, my younger daughter came home upset. She told me her teacher said she must eat a snack. I lost it! For me I lost it. I wasn’t going to leave the kitchen until my daughter understood why she didn’t need a snack and the teacher had his beliefs. The teacher on the other hand has a way of making the kids cry in the classroom. I like him, nice guy and really really wants the best for the kids. So now my daughter goes and gets her carrots from her lunch bag as her snack.

With the increasing rise in Diabetes and prediabetes, my daughter’s story, and a connection on LinkedIn recently telling me she lost a new job because they found out she had Diabetes, I wanted to speak out. How much can a holistic nutritionist handle (or just me)? hehehe  I started to speak out on Instagram one morning while learning how to use Instagram and the video.

Diabetes CanadaDiabetes, an Epidemic

Currently, Diabetes Canada is claiming Diabetes and prediabetes is currently an epidemic in Canada, and they must bring this to the attention of the Canadian population. All ages are attracting diabetes, not just adults but kids too. My father and many others that I know have adult onset or Type 2 diabetes (genetic and lifestyle/nutrition based). For 15 years I volunteered for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation feeling it was a good cause…so many complications and all.

Why No Snacks?

What happens when you eat food? The food goes into your stomach. Then what? The food you eat either goes through you and out the other end (fiber) or it is required by your body to function well – A CAR AND YOU needs fluids (water), fuel/energy (carbohydrates/sugars/glucose), body parts/building blocks (protein/amino acids), oil/lubricants (fats/oils), electricity (vitamins/minerals), etc. You get the picture. If you eat sugar, carbs, too much food, it increases your blood sugar levels. The body has to produce insulin (hormone) so it can balance the sugar levels in the blood and store it in the body for future use.

Sugar/glucose is fuel for your brain and nerve function.

Check Your Daily Snacks Routine

Let’s explore your meals and snacks routine. You eat breakfast, and before your digestive system can finish with it, you eat a snack, then the body is dealing with this food while your blood sugar is rising. Here comes lunch, more food, then a mid-day snack – they say snacks are good for us! Dinner comes along and more food. Whether you are full or not, a bedtime snack sounds like a good idea while watching a movie. Do you eat because that is the schedule or because you are truly hungry? Is it social? Are you craving?

I am guilty of having some snacks in my lifetime, but never bought into snacking regularly. Then again I never adopted the coffee habit either so don’t hold that against me. Another story for another time.

5 reasons to consume whole foodsFood Recommendations

Besides the ‘no snacks movement’ it is appropriate to look at the kinds of foods you do eat. Let’s get a few things out of the way.

Healthy Fats

I love presenting on healthy fats – all the different kinds and the key reasons why we need fats and whole foods. I do not recommend refined vegetable oils, fish oils, etc. They are refined (high heat), bleached, and deodorized foods or called RBD oils in food processing. Refined vegetable oils can remain in your cupboard for years without any change! Experiment…measure out a teaspoon and taste it, holding it in the mouth and letting the taste buds tell you if this food tastes healthy or natural. Remove most of the canola, corn, sunflower, safflower oils even the organic ones from your foods.

Healthy fats include cold pressed coconut oil and olive oils, whole foods like nuts and seeds in moderation, grass-fed butter, etc. I personally take a mammalian oil for my Omega 3 and Omega 6 besides in my whole foods, such as eggs (short chain omegas.)

Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid foods with artificial ingredients especially sweeteners. These foods are processed foods with toxins.

Packaging Labels

If you cannot pronounce it, do not buy it. Labels are helpful but do not paint the complete picture even for fruit and vegetables (i.e. chemical sprays used and waxes).  Point #1, ingredients are used in processing the foods like vegetable oil in the machinery, and these do not need to be put on the ingredients label but remain as residues on the food.  Point #2, blanket ingredients could be hiding the true ingredient, such as, spices. Point #3, the ingredients do not tell you if it is GMO or not (canola, corn, etc.). Some companies are putting labels on their products now like Orville Redenbacher popcorn because corn is usually GMO but their popping corn is not.


Hunger can apparently mean you are dehydrated. Here is how I look at it. Most whole foods have high water content but not all are created equal, for example, peanuts are very low at 4-10% water content. We would be consuming distilled water from our foods if whole BUT foods are processed and also contain added sugars, fillers, etc.

Drink water first and wait 15+ minutes to see if you are still hungry.

Look at your to do list and get busy!

Even Diabetes Canada mentions ‘You may benefit from a healthy snack’ and ‘Eat three meals per day at regular times and space meals no more than six hours apart’.

If snacking, most are having no food for periods of only 2-3 hours.

Get it done! The ‘no snacks movement’ is part of the healthy picture. More information may be provided here but a good ole one on one consultation provides the needed information for the person’s requirements and objectives.

Other Topics on Videos

The other benefit of doing the ‘no snacks movement’…saving money and having more time!

Keep it simple…the body only has so much energy and digesting food takes up vital energy and energy away from other key functions like detoxification. The ‘no snacks movement’ frees up energy.

You might not be hungry but thirsty…try drinking water before reaching for a snack.

Ode to the ‘no snacks movement’…a melody for a cause

Snacks, snacks, everywhere a snack.

Drink that juice, eat this bar.

Store them in the car.

Snacks, snacks, everywhere a snack.

Taking up room at the bar.

Raise the blood sugar.

Snacks, snacks, everywhere a snack.

So many treats that are sweet.

Keep moving our feet.

Snack, snacks everywhere a snack!

For the road so easy to pack.

Say no to a snack.

No snacks movement! No snacks movement!

ohhhhhh yeah! ohhhhhh yeah!

My wish. Post on social media your experience with eating no snacks. Tag #nosnacksmovement. Help lower the number of people being diagnosed with Diabetes…the younger generation included. Support diabetes and all of those that snack and snack often for an easy transition.

Stay tuned for more information, videos, etc.


Why should I have no snacks?

What do eating snacks do to our health?

What about healthy snacks?

How about fruit/veggies?

What about fasting?

How about if one is very active?

What if I am feeling hungry?

How about my toddler?

What is prediabetes?

Why are there snack time in public schools, nursery schools, etc?

Do I have to maintain no snacks forever?

What about my meals and how they affect my blood sugars?

How do I know if this is helping me?

Does managing my blood sugars have something to do with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and prediabetes?

Ask questions because managing your blood sugars may interfere with how you feel, having diabetes on your medical record, getting a job, getting insurance, etc.

‘no snacks movement’ is a choice!!

Do what you can on your own and/or contact me for further guidance.

Cheryl Millett…For Your Better Health

Your Health: A Disclaimer

My passion is to help others with their health and share information along the way even if it contradicts the mainstream. This is my choice. Your choice is to learn about what is presented here and discern if this is something you want to try. You may want to consult with your healthcare practitioner or maybe you are able to think for yourself and experience something that is not alarming to our health any which way you look at it.

Those people on diabetes medication must measure their blood sugar levels and continue to so, no snacks or snacks. If you are not eating as much food, you may not need as much insulin. If others tell you that you need snacks and you experience a positive effect from having no snacks then perhaps the no snacks movement works for you only and doesn’t make sense for anyone else. #nosnacksmovement can be shared with others with no health risks at all – it’s sharing because we care about people and the children. With ‘no snacks movement’ you have a choice and no one can take that from you.