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I’ll bring actionable knowledge to your organization, conference, business, community group or home. Knowledge is the best tool to better living and via interactive presentations and workshops the information is in full colour including answering your questions.

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Presentations and Workshops’ Topics will vary based on client needs and conference direction/themes.

I’ll share with you Presentations and Workshops that have evolved through feedback to become very beneficial for the organization and audience. We can focus and customize it based on your needs and goals as a Corporation or Community Group, School, Institution or Household held in board rooms, conference rooms, studio or in-homes.

  • Health in the 21st Century: Increase Positivity, Productivity, & Profitability
  • Omegas in the 21st Century: Your Brain, Our Every Action
  • Iridology: Your Eyes Tell Stories
  • Change Your Fats, Change Your Health
  • Simplified Manifesting Presentation(associations/groups)
  • ‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health (in studio/fitness gyms)
  • ‘Presence’ For Your Better Health (in studio)
  • Calling All Artists (Schools)
  • Workshops: Various   To Be Discussed
  • Conference Lectures   To Be Discussed

“Amazing afternoon! So much knowledge and insight today allowing for continued personal growth! Loved it!”

 – Susan

Custom topics or choose from some of the following:

mind 9Health in the 21st Century:

Increase Positivity, Productivity, & Profitability

Elevate your health and lifestyle to feel great and to be more productive at work! Our food and living environment are not the same as one hundred years ago. Think differently about how and what we need to do in order to maintain a healthy and optimally performing body. Cheryl uses the knowledge of the past, new discoveries of the present, the causes of all disease, and the importance of key nutrients, to educate and empower people to make simple but effective changes. The body is a miracle and everyone deserves to experience a life of healthy possibilities.  This presentation includes information and tools to develop your true potential.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Presentations are adapted to the needs of the business. Other titles include Stress Management.

Cheryl Millett Janice Lichti Mammalian Omega Presentation SWIS Symposium 2015

Millett at SWIS Symposium Nov 2015

Omegas in the 21st Century:

The right omegas for the right results!

A life-changing understanding of how omegas fit into the larger picture. An introduction of mammalian omegas and the differences with fish and plants omegas. There are differences that have proven the mammalian omegas are more efficient. There is what the businesses want you to understand and then there are the deeper learnings that come from universities, biochemists, experiences and results. Our health depends on balance. Learn about the healthy balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3, the sources and their differences, and more.

Did you know?
The top 10 diseases related to Omega-3 deficiency includes: Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, ADHD plus Sjogren’s syndrome, Infertility, and Depression.

“One of the best Omega seminars I have been to.” and “I loved it.” and “Great!” and “Very good energy.” CanFitPro Conference 2012

C PictureIridology:

Your Eyes Tell Stories

For hundreds of years, Iridology has been used as an analytical diagnostic tool to learn about our constitution and current health conditions. It is true…the eyes are windows and very much connected to the rest of the body.  Come out to learn more.  Learn about…History, What is Iridology?, How does it work?, Discuss markings and colours.  Learn how using Iridology can save your life and how it can move you in the right direction.  Join me and others to continue learning about new areas.  This workshop includes your eye photos sent by email.

“Very informative and well presented. Interest was piqued and will want to learn more now.” Read more…

Healthy FATS olive oil seal oil

Simplified Manifesting

Whether it is an answer to a question or a turkey in the park, Cheryl Millett will explain how to manifest what you need and the rest is up to you. A tool everyone is able to develop. Manifesting is known as the Secret or the Law of Attraction to getting everything you want but there is more to consider. Come out to learn and experience a laugh or two.

Who would be interested? People and groups that are interested in manifesting, developing intuition, and being the creator of your life.

Who would benefit? People who are positive thinkers and those that feel they have tried to manifest but things haven’t quite worked out to plan.

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening Cheryl! You have given me so much insight and a different perspective which was unexpected. You are so charming and relatable and all of us gained from your expertise.” Lisa Madeleine Smith

Change Your Oil, Change Your Health:

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy fats.

Fats make you fat. Fats are the lubrication of the body. Our brain is mostly made of fat. Butter and eggs are not good for you. So what is true? Join Cheryl’s presentation which is chalk full of information that takes you on a journey through time, food processing and the state of the nation on food quality and labels. Gain an understanding of all diseases as it relates to today, the types of fats and foods you eat.

“Fantastic” shares Amy, Personal Trainer

‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health

‘Move Well’ For Your Better Health provides key exercises for at home to learn the importance of proper stretching and moving for feeling better and looking younger.

Announcing an unique interactive workshop which includes three key eating habits, five good sleeping practices, breathing and metabolism, and more.

Make a move to understand the body with home-based easy-to-do exercises that anyone can learn and practice regularly involving the spine, arms, legs, and more. For more information click here.

“What, Why, Where, When and How: Gain Insights for Long Term Well-being”

So much information is floating around from this diet and that diet, this book and that book, this documentary and that documentary.  The newspaper says this, the research says that, the doctor told me to do this and now I am told to do this, and my friend did this and that happened.  What role do our genes play in our health? Bring your questions to the presentations and workshops and let’s see what is on your mind, including education and information to help you navigate yourself to better health now and in the future. Groundbreaking ways to think about health and manage stress opening up to all the possibilities.

“I highly recommend Cheryl Millett, as she commands a deeper understanding of nutrition and she knows how to deliver her message, using a proficient blend of meaningful education, from some powerful professional coaching to offering simple and practical health tips.” Bob Huybrechts President – Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc.

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