Testimonials for Iridology Presentation

C PictureYour eyes tell stories.

For hundreds of years, Iridology has been used as an analytical diagnostic tool to learn about our constitution and current health conditions. It is true…the eyes are windows and very much connected to the rest of the body.  Come out to learn more.  Learn about…History, What is Iridology?, How does it work?, Discuss markings and colours.  Learn how using Iridology can save your life and how it can move you in the right direction.  Join me and others to continue learn about new areas.  This presentation includes your eye photos sent by email.


Nature’s Emporium Health Food Store (Vaughan & Newmarket)

Residential Homes for Private Groups

Toronto Health Studio

Wellness Centers


“Great speaker – not too fast (pace) so I was able to grasp the concepts presented.”

“Great presentation, very informative for the new that do not know a thing.”

“Very informative – would have liked it to be longer. Presenter was very easy to listen to. Thank you.” Michele

“Great info”

“Very informative and well presented. Interest was piqued and will want to learn more now.”

“Very interesting! Presentation benefitted from accompanying visuals. Very cool to see how symptoms and illnesses present in the iris. Cheryl is informative and makes concepts easy to understand.”

“Very informative! I just wish Cheryl’s office was closer!”

“Thanks. Informative.”

“Great!! Thanks” Karen


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Reference: Testimonials Iridology, forms completed at the end of the presentations by participants.