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…are businesses that I use and/or support. The videos that have most interested me or were an inspiration to me are also present here. Nature calls for attention, and at the age of 12 with my own front yard rock garden in Pottageville (how many of you heard of this town?). With the neighbour’s maple tree, there were seedlings growing in the rock garden so I had the idea to let them grow and then have my father (who worked for a landscaper) agree to replant them along the driveway.  Today the 3 trees up the driveway stand tall and the very first one remains in the rock garden. Let nature inspire all of us. Enjoy the Trusted Links and Videos…something for everyone.

Trusted Links

   All Good Dog Food™ began with the most important ingredient: One owner’s love.  His frustrating search for the healthiest, most nutritious dog food turned up a lot of imposters — brands that substituted empty fillers for wholesome ingredients — and that just wasn’t good enough. a carrier of Auum Omega 3 for Pets

   Ecoexistence You can join us and many other consumers in making educated decisions about your purchases in your everyday life. By just making these small changes, we can make a big impact and preserve our environment!  That’s why Ecoexistence is here for you.  been a favourite place for gifts especially stocking stuffers

   FACED Natural Makeup Artistry is a team of professional, natural makeup artists who are mobile, reliable, and highly skilled.  when they applied makeup on me for the launch of the Toronto Midtown Chapter it was next to spectacular…with acting in my earlier years I didn’t even know I had makeup on…peace of mind from the toxic chemicals that is in most commercial makeup and now makes my eyes irritable.

Olive Oil Emporium

Olive_Oil_Emporium Trusted Links and Videos

Olive Oil Emporium on Bayview Ave. Toronto

Toronto’s First Fresh Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Bar: Featuring the world’s freshest Ultra Premium™ Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars For the connoisseur, the master chef, and the novice…  a staple in my home…the varied flavours add to a variety of dishes from salads to desserts TASTE and enjoy

   THE HOUSE OF UNIIKII What began as two friends wanting to merge their creative abilities and passion, turned into something so much more. The house of Uniikii is not only a house of unique products… been wearing the wool felt shoes and boots for a few years and I love the wood jewelry for all occasions

MORE to come...the list of trusted links and videos will grow. Trust me there are other great websites and products out there. If and when I discover them I will add them to the list. Enjoy a a short video or two.


You may explore some or all or none of the videos below. Let time be our friend and nature our teacher.

Inner Life of a Cell

Aurora Borealis Explained

This is evolution…simply shared by a Hopi elder


Jesus in the making…through the eyes of children

Seven Ojibwe Teachings
Truth – Courage – Kindness – Respect – Humbleness – Wisdom – Love

Thank you for stumbling upon this page as you may have come across something that gives you a twinkle in your eye or perhaps a laughter in your belly.

With Thanks and Gratitude, I humbly share some of my teachers.

Best of health,