White Garden Flower Gratitude

Thanks and Gratitude

A Tribute People, Pets and Places

It is with sincere gratitude I thank the many others that have helped me be where I am today whether family, clients, presentations, schools, books, or conversation including the natives in the local park. I would also like to thank my clients for I learn and grow from being with them.  Also, my family for their endless support and understandings of my commitments and desires in both the health and community work. Most appreciative of the spiritual work that really doesn’t require a label at all.

Places include the universe and mother earth (terra) that has shown me beauty in many different ways, from the chaga mushroom to the grand standing tall forests, from the flowing river to the dancing ocean waves, from the exotic landscapes in all corners to the simplest wild herb.

Here are some mentions but to note that there would be too many to mention here in its entirety.

Special thanks to…

Elizabeth Janik

Elizabeth Janik Recipient of the Rosalie Award

Radio Personality and Consultant Elizabeth Janik for your support in creating the mentorship program, editing the website and in the creation of my future book.

RJ Millar and his dog

RJ Millar with his Qimmiq dog

Founder of Auum Omegas and Biochemist R.J. Millar for your insights, unique personality and seal oil products.

Paul and Jaylee Balch

Paul and Jaylee Balch, Australia

Teachers and mentors Paul and Jaylee Balch for your teachings and impeccable guidance.

david rowland

David W. Rowland

Author, formulator and teacher David Rowland for your books, school, courses, supplements and healing.

Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough

Creator and Motivator Jennifer Hough for the learnings I received in your mentorship program and other workshops like “Get Out of Your Own Way”

Pioneers in this area, like Weston A. Price DDS, Bernard Jensen DC, and many others.

With Gratitude for your contributions in helping others.

Weston a Price

Weston A. Price DDS

bernard jensen

Bernard Jensen D.C. Clinical Nutritionist









Grateful for pets and all animals. Meet my fuzzy furry friend, Shadow.

Gratitude Shadow dog

Fuzzy Furry Friend Shadow














Only more with the love of my friends and family.

Cheryl Millett Family Portrait

Charlotte, Paul, Cheryl and Josephine

I dedicate this quote to those with mental illness.

Letting go or letting ego