Nutritional Consultation and Coaching for Health

Cheryl Millett Holistic Nutritionist Auum OmegasSo often we wait until we have health issues before deciding to return to nature’s way of healing, and prevention is an after thought. No matter where you are in your life, whatever your situation, I’m here to help you build a path to wellness that works. I am also available by phone, on web/SKYPE or in house.

Do you or someone you know, your child perhaps, experience any of the following:

  • Digestive discomforts…dysfunctioning in all diseases
  • Asthma…top 3 for children
  • Fibromyalgia…the misunderstood condition
  • Heartburn…funny (but not funny) how this works
  • Hypertension…no pressure about it

The analytical tools that may be used in the consultations include Iridology, Tongue Analysis, Hair Mineral Analysis, Nutritional Cleansing, etc.

Understand your POSSIBILITIES, contact Cheryl today.

Your road to wellness may begin with a…

Initial Complimentary Consultation (15 minutes)

  • FREE
  • Can I help you?  Let me learn about what you looking to achieve and ask you some questions, to determine if I can help you
  • Contact Cheryl Millett to book a date and time

Initial Comprehensive Assessment (1½ hours)

  • Nutritional coaching for health and well-being includes getting to know you, educating you on key concepts and more
  • Client receives forms for completion (i.e. Client Health History, Food Allergy Checklist, etc.)
  • At appointment, complete other Assessment Documents (i.e. Physical Assessment, etc.)
  • May include Iridology assessment to review constitution, digestive health and more
  • Present recommendations and design your plan together
  • Discuss the next steps
  • Questions? Ask any question. Some time will be saved at the end of the appointment

Life Mentoring

Matters of the Mind. Your well-being and happiness includes a whole self approach. With a focus on the mind, this style of coaching includes the understandings and the tools to move forward in life with less volatility. The physical pain and other symptoms only bring to light the dis-ease and inflammation in the body. Your experiences and feelings are like the physical symptoms that shed light on your unique situation. These affect your health in a myriad of ways, unique to you.

Feelings and emotions affect our life in various ways which may include these key areas: relationships, career, health, finances, life balance, sleep, and happiness.

You may have heard life is a journey. Whatever it is, it is yours to experience and choose. This style of mentoring involves both your inner and outer worlds which is practical, common sense, and results orientated. There is no turning back once you step onto this road of discovering yourself and understanding the possibilities. Click here for the blog on ‘Life Mentoring.’


  • Self Mastery Course Levels 1 and 2
  • Living Mastery Program
  • Energy Healing Level One

To ask questions or to book a 15 minute complimentary phone session contact Cheryl Millett.

Follow-up Appointments (15 minutes to 1 hour)

  • Discuss previous appointment, recommendations, and progress (symptom measurements)
  • Present recommendations and design your continued plan based on your goals
  • Discuss the next steps
  • Questions? Ask any question. Some time will be saved at the end of the appointment

Iridology Introduction & Assessment (30 minutes)Your Eyes Tell Stories

Your eyes tell stories. Learn more about your health in minutes. A quick, easy and non-invasive way to learn about your inherited strengths and weaknesses, and current health conditions. Read more…

  • Your iris photos emailed (may be taken at a Presentation or Workshop)
  • Reading can be from the comfort of your home if pictures were taken at a presentation
  • Your eyes show stress, digestive function, lymphatic congestion, cardiovascular health, acidic and toxic load, and more
  • Includes recommendations (i.e. lifestyle habits, nutritional supplements, etc.)
  • Recommended next steps

Iris PhotosIridology Cheryl Millett Iris

  • Taken as required and emailed for future use
  • For all ages
  • Recommend iris photos be taken every 5 years or as needed
  • As early as age 5 unless there are health conditions or complications

Iridology Workshops & Groups (Duration varies)

  • Get a group of people together to learn about an analytical tool that tells us a story about our health
  • Includes Iridology Introduction and Iris photos
  • Tailored to your group needs
  • Presentations in Fall and Spring at Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket and Vaughan, Ontario Canada

For Your Better Health Program

  • Free complimentary assessment (15 mins) for program selection and to determine if a program is good for you at this time
  • Start anytime, plan a group or take advantage of a scheduled program
  • Read more…

Performance Athlete Programs (1 hour)Catherine Garceau Olympian

  • Health Assessment and understand the athlete’s goals
  • Recommendations are customized to individual
  • Get the most from your performance from natural sources – recovery, strength, energy, etc.
  • Who qualifies? Elite athletes, weekend warriors, marathon and martial arts training, etc.

Repeat Comprehensive Assessment (1 hour)

  • Time has passed –  review information to make it current and goals
  • Life experiences are unique and changes happen at different paces
  • Discuss outcomes, recommendations and next steps

Cheryl Millett Organic Whole FoodsGrocery Store Tour (2 hours preferred)

Shop as usual while learning. The visual learning is creative and hands on. Explore your options.

  • Take a tour of your grocery store and review the different store areas
  • Present the food groups and the degree of nourishment
  • May include supplementation and meal replacement shakes
  • Learn about food labels and how to read them, understand food processing, and more
  • Answer your questions and receive a summary on key points of interest
  • A follow-up call to review progress and any questions

In-Kitchen Education (2 hours preferred)

Change can be subtle but impactful. Learn in the comfort of your home and have fun with your new understandings benefiting you and your family.

  • Tailored to your goals and areas of interest
  • An in-house kitchen assessment of foods typical of the family’s way of eating (may include nutritional supplements)
  • Learn about food labels and how to read them, food safety, and more
  • Review recommendations, answer your questions, and receive a summary on key points of interest
  • A follow-up call to review progress and any questions
  • Note: best to book the appointment after a grocery shopping


  • Complimentary Initial Consultation (about 15 minutes)
  • Initial Comprehensive Assessment (1.5 hrs)   $ 150.00 (plus travel expenses if applicable)
  • Follow-up Appointment (15 minutes to 1 hour)   $ 100.00/hr
  • Iridology Introduction & Assessment (30 minutes)   $50.00
  • Iridology Photos   $25
  • Iridology Presentation, Workshop & Groups  $Various
  • Performance Athlete Programs (1 hour) see below for more info   $ 100.00/hr
  • Repeat Comprehensive Assessment (1 hr)   $100.00/hr
  • For Your Better Health Program and Sensible Cleansing Programs $Various
  • Grocery Store Tour (2 hr preferred)  $100.00 + travel if applicable
  • In-Kitchen Education (2 hr preferred) $100.00 + travel if applicable

You’re here now for a reason. Take the first steps. You’re ready.

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