5 Reasons to Consume Whole Foods

Whole Foods Closer to Nature's Way 5 Reasons to Consume Whole Foods is considering what goes into your body because you are what you eat. Whole foods looks at what happens to the food from the time it is harvested, closest to nature, to the time you eat the food. This article includes real stories to bring light [...]

Nourishing Breast Milk

Nourishing breast milk…and more nourishing for the baby than a green smoothie! Many moons ago and in various cultures, babies/children were breastfed with nourishing breast milk until 5 years old. Then there was a time when moms were encouraged to take up formulas for convenience…then back to breastfeeding and only several years ago the recommendation [...]

Autism Connection to Vaccines

A cure for cancer, for autism...perhaps one of several others. As I begin to type, I take a deep breath and drink some water.  You may be compelled to do the same. Setting the Stage First, I am stepping into the thought that 'I am responsible for my own health' not the doctors, not my [...]