Omega-3 Benefits

This blog is about sharing an article found on the McGill University website on Omega-3 Benefits. This article focuses on the importance of Omega-3 for our body with the understanding that not all omega-3s are created equal. Omega-3 benefits our eyes (macular degeneration), our cardiovascular system (inflammation in the arteries), and our nervous system. The [...]

Diabetic Neuropathy

Understanding Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy and Seal Oil Omega-3 According to Health Canada in 2008/09, diabetes was affecting over 2.4 million Canadians, a 70% increase over 10 years earlier. Stepping forward to today, Diabetes Canada claims there are 11 million people with diabetes and prediabetes. Even with my background in diabetes, I was familiar with other [...]

The Effect of Mammalian Omega-3s on Diabetic Neuropathy

THERE IS NO LINK available on the yet to be published results for 'The Effect of Mammalian Omega-3s on Diabetic Neuropathy'. Why? Because the unpublished results are just out. The researchers are tidying up the information so to speak - crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's and whatever else is necessary. Many doctors and healthcare practitioners [...]

Fish Oil Oxidation and Effectiveness

Is Fish Oil Helpful or Harmful? Today in North America and according to doctors and Omega 3 research, a deficiency in Omega 3 is related to a number of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, Depression, Learning Disabilities and more (43 Health Conditions and Omega 3 pdf). One area of interest for consumers of Omegas is [...]

Eskimo and Inuit

Inuit Child Please don't call me Eskimo and Inuit is the correct name for my people. A story on real food and a northern culture. The Inuit people are now a part of my world. After watching online videos, DVDs and reading their news, I appreciate these people that live in the north. Both [...]

Major Medical Journal Publishes Study Validating Mammalian Omega 3

A study sharing the positive results of Auum mammalian omega 3 The University of Toronto has published its Research Study using Auum mammalian omega 3 seal oil in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) and now in the US National Library of Medicine (PubMed.) For the past several years, it has [...]

Natural Immunity

On board with natural immunity. You cannot see it easily. You experience the heat of it. It causes redness and swelling. It protects you. What is it? THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Life dishes out a cold here and there, perhaps a disease comes about. Doctors say that an underactive/overactive immune system is part of the equation [...]

Bouncing Babies Start With A Healthy Pregnancy

a beautiful mother feeding her newborn with breast A healthy pregnancy takes two, the father and the mother.  Every parent’s dream is to have a healthy baby…ten fingers and ten toes. Today some hope for more – free of allergies and no learning issues. The reality is a healthy pregnancy starts with education [...]