Brain Trauma Saved With Omegas

Perhaps you heard the story about Grant Virgin. In 2012, he was hit by a car while walking, and large doses of omegas were implicated on CNN in Grant's full recovery. Yes, brain trauma saved with omegas. His mother JJ Virgin knew a thing or two or several things about health, but the seriousness of [...]

Diabetic Neuropathy Research Utilizing Auum Omega 3

  Nerve growth is possible. Nerve growth is reversing diabetic neuropathy. When we hear about the serious complications of those diagnosed with Diabetes, we learn about blindness, kidney disease, lower limb amputation, stroke, depression, and much more. Let's further explore the complications as it relates to another serious complication called diabetic neuropathy. The importance of [...]

Fish Oil Oxidation and Effectiveness

Is Fish Oil Helpful or Harmful? Today in North America and according to doctors and Omega 3 research, a deficiency in Omega 3 is related to a number of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Cardiovascular, Alzheimer's, Depression, Learning Disabilities and more (43 Health Conditions and Omega 3 pdf). One area of interest for consumers of Omegas is [...]

Eskimo and Inuit

Inuit Child Please don't call me Eskimo and Inuit is the correct name for my people. A story on real food and a northern culture. The Inuit people are now a part of my world. After watching online videos, DVDs and reading their news, I appreciate these people that live in the north. Both [...]

Major Medical Journal Publishes Study Validating Mammalian Omega 3

A study sharing the positive results of Auum mammalian omega 3 The University of Toronto has published its Research Study using Auum mammalian omega 3 seal oil in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) and now in the US National Library of Medicine (PubMed.) For the past several years, it has [...]

Mammalian Omega 3 and Arthritis

Mammalian Omega 3 and arthritis has been researched at the Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada with good results. A newly discovered source of Omega 3 is gaining popularity with the people, doctors, practitioners and researchers in Canada and around the world. All diseases have an inflammatory component! Most diseases end with 'itis' like arthritis, 'itis' meaning [...]

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Do you have an Omega deficiency?

Ω  What are Omegas all about? Ω  I get my omegas from my food. Ω  See it on food labels but don't know what it is. Ω  I take supplements as we don't get enough from our food. Ω  I eat fish 2-3x per week so I am good. Ω  My doctor and the Heart [...]