Superior Sublingual

Superior sublingual references putting something under the tongue and it being the best way to absorb that something into your body. Of course that something must be able to be absorbed sublingually, such as, raw seal oil or liquid B12 (avoiding an injection!). There are certain medications that also can absorb sublingually such as an [...]

Omega 3 Foods Important Differences

Omega 3 Foods Differ Omega 3 foods and supplements include many. In fact, Omega 3 supplements could take up several book cases in the health food store. Due to the Omega 3 source, the processing, cooking or food preparation, and our digestive function, the Omega 3 foods will make a difference to our health in a variety of [...]

Omega ABCs

Essential Omega ABCs for a Natural Healing Balance and Good Vibrant Health A Balanced Concept - learning the Omega ABCs There are certain things for good health that is like learning your ABCs. Omega ABCs are valuable. Learn four key ways mammalian Omegas are valuable for our health. My focus is on healthy fats, specifically Omegas. [...]

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Do you have an Omega deficiency?

Ω  What are Omegas all about? Ω  I get my omegas from my food. Ω  See it on food labels but don't know what it is. Ω  I take supplements as we don't get enough from our food. Ω  I eat fish 2-3x per week so I am good. Ω  My doctor and the Heart [...]