Inuit hunters prepare to haul a dead seal from its breathing hole. Baffin Is. Nunavut, Canada

Inuit hunters prepare to haul a dead seal from its breathing hole. Baffin Is. Nunavut, Canada

Nature is all around us, and in wonderment, we wonder how everything works. Stones, plants, and animals exist alongside humans in the way they do. The raw seal oil is not special. It just exists for the reasons it does.

The raw seal oil has helped the Inuit or people to thrive because the body uses it to be healthy and strong. On the unhealthy side, people consume the highly processed oils of today, such as canola and the refined omega 3 oils. As a result of the highly processed foods especially the fats, I believe that this is the reason for increases in obesity, cancer, and diabetes. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) forecasts only increases in diabetes in the decades to come, as much as 156% in Africa, 35% in North America and Caribbean, with an average increase of 48% worldwide by 2045. [Diabetes Atlas]

That means zero confidence in research to find a cure or a solution, in our current food guides, and in the people to change their diet and lifestyle. In fact, the charts show a negative confidence from IDF because the rate of diabetes is going up not stabilizing. What do you think about that? Back to raw seal oil.

The Evolved Seal

Seals have evolved on this planet from before the ice age. Still today, they coexist with other living things.

“The Inuit on their natural diet, including raw seal oil, are healthy.”

I refuse to put raw seal oil on a pedestal. The research, field studies, and many people are indeed a testament to what raw seal oil has always been capable of doing from growing back nerves to non-verbal children speaking.

“Raw seal oil is a whole natural food.”

Raw Seal Oil Sublingual Absorption

The very positive effects from using raw mammalian oil, appears to be a miracle as the medical community had only pain medications as the intervention for people with diabetic neuropathy. Pain because it is painful when the body is breaking down and dying. Some may call it a form of aging.

The raw seal oil would have performed well even before the published research. We are just discovering the capabilities of raw seal oil which can be absorbed by our bodies more effectively than processed fish and plant seed oils, whether that is sublingually – under the tongue – or via the digestive system. The sublingual route is preferred due to the dysfunctioning digestive system. By holding the Auum raw seal oil under the tongue, the oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream within minutes bypassing the unpredictable digestive system. Voila! Instant results or experiences for some of us.

Nature Exists Always

The Inuit as well as other cultures are aware that the raw seal blubber is good for them so they eat it accordingly. They do not need to know what is in the seal blubber or oil before they consume it. Science, as we know it, is useless or better yet, not required in this case.

Let’s look at another example that is closer to home. As humans, we are born with hands. These hands work the way they work, and this we have learned at some point in our evolution. There is no way I would stop using my hands in light of any research or in waiting for research to prove that using my hands is a good thing. This is a very extreme example. Here is another one.

An apple has been consumed for many years. Our English language has labeled it an apple, but that didn’t change our minds. Apples are a safe food to consume. We eat plenty of the round fruit found on trees. Science could do research on the apple to learn of its nutritional value, but I would still continue to eat my apple without a care for any scientific research. This does not mean that science does not bring forth some useful information for some situations. Eat the apple. Maybe read the information. Eat the apple. Be well.

“Not all apples are created equal.”

Raw Versus Highly Processed

Now not all apples are without some questioning, since for the most part, we do not grow our own apples, and directly pick them from a tree to eat. An apple in the wild or grown in a natural way without waxes and sprays would be the kind of apple I would eat, or recommend you to eat. Our foods today are treated with chemicals. People demand perfect looking fruit, so unknown to them chemicals are required. Generally, the outcome of shelf stable foods equates to added refined sugars and fats, and highly processed and with preservatives, aka chemicals or toxins.

“Shelf stable food is good for business but not good for your health. I call these highly processed foods, safe food.”

Inuit People and Raw Seal Blubber

Inuit Eskimo Seal Oil from Harp Seal Blubber

Inuit = People

No research on seal oil will change the Inuit people’s minds from eating it. They have eaten raw seal blubber for a long time, and they are healthier for it. It was both the processed foods and the change in lifestyle that could be blamed for negative changes in their health. Certain people at the time, thought they knew what was best for the aboriginal people. Perhaps, they needed to consume the raw seal oil along with a flipper to the side of the head. I say this with tongue in cheek because the past is the past. Let’s move forward in a practical way and not in a way that is going to created separation and income for the consultants.

“Inuit mean people. Inuk is singular. Eskimo means eaters of raw meat.”

Imagine children learning life skills from surviving to socializing in the great outdoors and in their traditional ways. Surviving would include the Inuit people catching their own food from the sea. Socializing would be traditional song and games. Creative endeavors would include carving stone. This seems to me to be a healthy lifestyle of thriving alongside nature…in their cozy houses.

Raw Seal Oil is Real

There could be many a story posted here to enlighten you on the benefits of the Auum raw seal oil, but I will not put raw seal oil on a pedestal. Try it if indeed you have a need for omegas, recommended to buy omega supplements, been consuming fish oils, krill oils, or plants oils, if you have inflammation or any health condition, mental or other. Conditions are many from MS to cancer, from diabetes to fibromyalgia, from headaches to digestive conditions, and so forth. Based on the ketogenic diet, more people are consuming healthier fats in their diet for their better health.

Our planet and all the living things upon it are here for each other.

Recently the seal gave me this message, “We want this.” Translate this message as you wish, but the message to me is to continue to accept the gift of the raw seal oil to help others.

The ‘raw seal oil is not special’ message, was created to bring to light the fact, that when the raw seal oil works, it is because nature intended it to do so. Raw is a necessary factor in its effectiveness, one being the sublingual absorption but not limited to this. Other differences have been identified. If you consume refined, purified or molecularly distilled omegas then they are not raw.

raw seal oil

Ditch the capsules for oil and sublingual absorption

Results in One Day

It is your choice to learn, and to try things. Education is a starting point.

In 2008, it was my choice to try the Auum raw seal oil. This experiment delivered results in one day. I felt my brain turn on, and others have had similar results or their own experience. Some common results are feeling the brain fog lift, more energy, and the body feeling stronger.

Is Raw Seal Oil For You

Is raw seal oil for you? How will it help you? Honestly, I do not know. Even as a practitioner, I don’t know. How can anyone know until you try it and see what it does for you? I do recommend that you ask for my instructions so you get the most from taking the Auum Omega 3 seal oil. If you buy it from my website, I automatically include the instructions in the package. You see, one of the products recommend only 1 ml due to the amount of vitamin D in one suggested serving.

Health Canada dictates you can only suggest 1,000 IU of Vitamin D per suggested serving. So, guidance on dosage for this product is highly recommended.

There is also a ‘How to Take’ video for your viewing pleasure and to learn about the natural lemon flavour and light oil texture.

Have an auumazing day.

Cheryl Millett Holistic Nutritionist

Cheryl Millett
Champion for your better health…

Before the age of 20, it never dawned on me that what I chose to put in my mouth would have such a dramatic effect on my wellbeing.
On my path of discovery, I learned that our eating choices directly affected how much energy we have first thing in the morning or that it would build our immune system strength during flu season. Part of it was coming to understand how gentle nutritional cleansing directly helped overcome my health challenges. People keep telling me how beautiful my skin is or how I look younger.
As my studies continued, it became obvious that there is an intrinsic connection between the mind, body and spirit which directly affects our health and happiness. Also learned that Omegas are another critical piece of the wellness puzzle. I became convinced when the Auum omegas alone turned on some switches in my brain in just one day.
I have developed a deep appreciation for the wonderful miracle workers our bodies are in the recovery process.  Our bodies have a natural intelligence.  I am passionate to share the connection between nutrition and wellness in my practice and my presentations.

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