raw food diet detox cleansingA raw food diet is more than just eating raw food of just vegetables and fruits, it helps to reset our body, and not only for the purpose of achieving weight loss.

Raw foods have a number of benefits, and it gets you into the habit of incorporating them regularly into your diet.

There is much to explore when you do the seven-day raw food diet and I have included pictures in this blog of my meals during my most recent raw food diet these past seven days.

Let’s dig in as this is a juicy topic.

How Does the Raw Food Diet Work

The seven-day raw food diet that I do is something I purchased from The Raw Divas (Tera Warner, Montreal) many years ago. It may not be for everyone. It eliminates all nuts, seeds, animal products, highly processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, fats, supplements, and more.

For athletes, they would need to modify it but still doable. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing because there is not enough calories and fats.

For the first two days, I incorporated the internal salt water bath to give a thorough cleansing of the intestinal tract. This is optional (downloadable from my website).

You be the judge if this is for you, or ask me for my professional opinion. Vegetables and fruits do have minerals and vitamins of their own. They are high in antioxidants and more. As well, common sense needs to be applied here.

With the time frame of one week, the duration is not long enough to become deficient in those nutrients from animal products. Remember this is not your ongoing way of eating but a reset.

Other Raw Food Diet Considerations

raw food diet green smoothie

Mango, banana, romaine lettuce, and water.

Both Iridology and Ayurveda have indicated my constitution, then there is the eat right for your blood type and food sensitivity testing. From the former, I discovered that I am a Pitta which is fire so I stay away from radishes and other heat evoking vegetables. I did do this anyway but now I understand why. Bananas and I only get along on occasion. With the raw food diet, consider what likes you and what you like.

Think about your culture. If I was an Inuit and genetically able to eat raw meat and blubber, I would not be doing this. They eat no fruits and vegetables. Other cultures where they are on an amazing diet would continue on that amazing diet like tribes in Africa. We are mostly talking about those people who shop at a grocery store and have bought into the Western diet or way of eating. There are sure to be other exceptions.

What if I have a family? This is doable because I have a husband and two teenage daughters. First of all, they all know how to prepare their own meals to survive but they are welcome to eat my salads, consume my fruit, and drink some of my smoothies. Before preparing, I ask who is interested in what I am making.

On top of that, it is about having other food like roast chicken available at dinner time. We all make our own breakfast and lunch these days. Some foods can be prepared ahead of time for the family, like soups, stews, or casseroles. Work out what is best for you and the family.

raw food diet salad cheryl millett

How to Begin

Over five years ago, I ran this program for people just like you who had health goals, and they were excited about trying something healthy while learning some tools to eat for your better health.

raw food diet smoothie cheryl millett

Peach, blueberry, romaine lettuce smoothie, and water.

Look at your calendar and carve out 7 days. You will plan your meals then make your shopping list. To tell you the truth, I purchase the vegetables I like then I make things up as I go along. I buy the fruits every 2-3 days so they are fresh, ripe, and not in the fridge (preferably), or plan for those that need to ripen like mangoes. If I purchase green apples, grapes, and peaches, then I eat the grapes first, then peaches and then the green apples as they keep longer.

After August 22, 2018, I will upload a page with more details on the 7 Day Raw Food Detox program. If this is for you, you would register. Once registered, you will receive a welcome email. I would ask for your start date, and the daily emails begin to show up in your mailbox.

Keep attachments and emails so you can repeat every year.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Some main benefits of consuming a vegetable and fruit raw food diet are:

  1. weight loss
  2. breaking the habit of eating highly processed foods such as refined vegetable oils and sugars
  3. increasing fiber in your diet for better elimination
  4. increasing water intake if needed – some drink too much water
  5. natural detoxification just like housekeeping

After the Raw Food Diet

Once my raw food diet is complete, I add back in the following:

  1. raw milk kefir,
  2. Auum’s unrefined raw seal oil,
  3. grass-fed beef,
  4. healthy fats such as extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil,
  5. nuts and seeds in moderation,
  6. raw farm fresh eggs, and more

raw food diet mono fruit cheryl millettI am not a raw foodist. I super appreciate eating real food, naturally raised food, whole food, and fresh food. Where you are in your state of health, and frame of mind is acceptable at this time. You accept me for where I am at, and I accept you for where you are at.

Truthfully, the thereafter part is up to you. Once you have practiced making a salad every day, had the appreciation of eating only one kind of fruit at a time, made the tastiest smoothie ever, you may have acquired a liking for some of the habits.

Living and enjoying real food becomes a habit you want to do most of the time. Be open to exploring even more. Your favourite food is still around. If you feel deprived, let’s look at solutions that will work for you.

Sharing this raw food diet is part of helping people get back into the swing of eating well. For some, it may be completely new, and for others, it may be a stepping stone to incorporating small changes to your evolving health. Accept what is. Appreciate the journey. Go with the flow. I am only here to share information and guide those who ask.

Questions About Eating Well

Can I eat animal foods? YES

Not all animal products are created equal, so by embarking on this raw food diet, you will receive information on what to consider when shopping for animal products. Some people are not for the commercial raising of animals, so there are options to consume animal products being mindful of their environment and our environment.

Is it OK to eat some cooked vegetables and dried fruits going forward? YES

Vegetables are a part of many household recipes (over the many ages) and some are prepared in your favourite soups and stews.

raw food diet salad cheryl millett

Your option after the seven-day raw food diet is to ask questions during the one-hour consultation (optional). Everything depends on your goals and the health of your gut. For example, dried fruits are best eaten in smaller quantities.

Are nuts and seeds part of a healthy diet? YES

Nuts and seeds are an interesting topic because there are many kinds, such as raw, roasted, seasoned, refined oils, and milked. Some seeds are irritating to the gut lining. Seeds would rather make their way through the digestive system to the earth.

A person can overeat with a big bag of nuts. Remember the days when a bowl of nuts was put out on special occasions? Nuts are popular and can be found in an office desk drawer or snack bars.

Questions and questioning are a healthy part of being on a healthy journey. The above is only a shortlist of possible questions.

Contact me with any questions.

Cheers to living a good life, a life of healthy possibilities!

Cheryl Millett Holistic Nutritionist

Cheryl Millett
Champion for your better health…

Before the age of 20, it never dawned on me that what I chose to put in my mouth would have such a dramatic effect on my wellbeing.
On my path of discovery, I learned that our eating choices directly affected how much energy we have first thing in the morning or that it would build our immune system strength during flu season. Part of it was coming to understand how gentle nutritional cleansing directly helped overcome my health challenges. People keep telling me how beautiful my skin is or how I look younger.
As my studies continued, it became obvious that there is an intrinsic connection between the mind, body, and spirit which directly affects our health and happiness. I also learned that Omegas are another critical piece of the wellness puzzle. I became convinced when the Auum omegas alone turned on some switches in my brain in just one day.
I have developed a deep appreciation for the wonderful miracle workers our bodies are in the recovery process.  Our bodies have natural intelligence.  I am passionate to share the connection between nutrition and wellness in my practice and my presentations.

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