Irish Soda Bread Recipe

This Irish soda bread recipe can be described with these three words: easy, tasty and healthier. Let's play with healthier. I would recommend you don't eat a whole loaf yourself at one sitting, but if you are looking to bake something fresh because you have some Irish stew or soup in the crock pot, well [...]


Best Ever Shortbreads 'Tis the season to be indulging (a little bit)! It is only a little shortbread...but you cannot stop eating these best ever shortbread cookies nor can your guests stop asking for more! As a teenager, my step mother made us these shortbreads every Christmas. Thirty years later and with some healthy modifications, [...]

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Klondike Baked Beans by Pierre Berton

A Canadian dish to be sampled by any person looking for a heritage dish or to bring back our childhood memories of canned beans. Taken from a short essay titled Klondike Baked Beans by Pierre Berton. Warming any way you eat them! There is a certain amount of chilly peppers in this dish. Eat the beans [...]