Walking Holidays

Cheryl’s Walking Holidays came about when someone from Ireland contacted me for a group trip to Ireland with the Forest Hill Walk Club. It is exciting for me to bring small groups on these well-organized walking holidays for captivating moments in nature and ancient history.


For interactive online presentations sign-up here for the Zoom links: https://www.meetup.com/ForestHillWalkClub

For many reasons, walking holidays could be a welcomed holiday for you and others:

  • See places you would only see on foot
  • Explore the natural landscape of a place with walking trails and fully guided walks or hikes
  • Benefit from being active every day
  • You get away from it ALL
  • Be social for your better health
  • Learn new things including historical and ancient information
  • The overarching message would be BALANCE and FUN

You decide which parts are of interest to you.

If you could sum up Ireland in 10 words or less, what would you say?

  • Friendly, musical, breathtaking vistas with amazing history and traditions. 
  • Green, musical, breathtaking views, colourful doors, friendly people and ancient. 
  • Emerald, manicured, wet, magical, fun, musical, historical, beautiful, majestic, interesting.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the trip – so very very diverse in every way!
  • Hikes, entertainment, scenery, personalities, food, accommodation, etc.etc.
  • Thank you so much for organizing this trip. Ireland has a soul and you can really feel it. 
  • I liked the group photos we took at various locations (e.g. Rock of Cashel). 
  • It’s a unique reminder of our shared adventures. 
  • I loved it and want to go back.

These walking holidays occur once a year in June but with this event, there will be two Cheryl’s Walking Holidays in 2021, and they are supported by a certified TICO travel provider a.k.a. a travel agent or of like business (different country). This has to be in place to protect travelers.

When possible, monthly gatherings with a presentation are held at the Toronto Health Studio for your viewing pleasure, to ask questions, and to meet the others that are traveling. For information on these gatherings join the Facebook page (under Events) or join the Forest Hill Walk Club Meet-up group or contact Cheryl.

walking holidays Ireland Newfoundland
Dunluce Castle

To learn about upcoming and past walking holidays click on the links below. Every link includes the itinerary, trip details, and FAQs. All questions are welcomed. For up to date information, sign-up for the walking holiday updates.

Magical Ireland Walking Holidays June 2018

Ireland’s Hidden North Walking Holidays June 2019

Ireland’s Hidden North Walking Holidays June 2020 – Postponed due to covid-19 to September 7-16, 2021

Magical Newfoundland Walking Holiday June 18-28, 2021

Ireland’s Hidden North Walking Holiday September 7-16, 2021

Book a seat on the bus? Have a question? If you or someone you know is interested in any of the walking holidays, contact Cheryl Millett. This is a good place to include your questions.

For future information and interesting facts, join the email list for updates.

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