Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Click on the link to support a compensation program for people injured by vaccinations in Canada. Thank you for your support and/or read on:

Good day my fellow Canadians,

I would say hello to all around the world but this is of specific interest to Canadians.

Did you know that around the world there is compensation for people and families who get injured by vaccines? The petition states that 18 out of the G20 countries have a compensation program for those that are injured by vaccines. Only Canada and Russia do not have compensation.

For those of you who do not know anyone that has been injured by vaccines would logically understand that by virtue of a compensation program in place means there are injuries by vaccinations.

This is not the place to share the infamous history of vaccinations nor to share the toxic ingredients that are in the vaccines as per the CDC website and pamphlet in vaccine packaging.

However, this is the time that I will ask you to kindly take ten minutes to read and consider signing this valuable petition for our fellows Canadians that have been injured and may be injured in the future.

One more thing…here is the link that allows Canadians to submit information if they experience adverse events from any vaccine.

Let me introduce you to Bob Martin.

Warmly, Cheryl


Bob Martin, a resident of Victoria, BC, experienced a severe vaccine injury following a flu shot in 2009. The vaccine caused Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease that can lead to progressive paralysis and death.

Bob was an extremely healthy man and a fitness instructor at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre.

He became completely paralyzed and ended up on a ventilator in the ICU for three and a half months and in a rehabilitation centre for another four and a half months.

During and after this time, he learned that there was no such thing as a vaccine injury compensation program for Canadians and set out to create one by contacting politicians and by starting a petition. He received hundreds of replies from other injured Canadians. You can see his petition and the comments here.

Since 2012, Bob has also been working to see this petition created and accepted by our Federal Government for the support of all injured in Canada. Please vote and share with all Canadians it is our duty to care.


My only purpose is to have all Canadians vote and by doing so they are voting to support themselves and all other families and visitors to Canada. This is NOT an Anti-Vax message nor website. Yet, I do support all justice in our world and support the Freedom of Choice.

Respectfully yours,

Bob Martin

GBS Survivor

Contact info: or 1-250-415-1770

The Federal Minister and Ken Hardie (supporting Member of Parliament) support this petition. They will speak on this in the House after the closing date of May 21, 2020.

For petition information and your signature kindly click here:

*Thank you for your valuable time and hopefully your signature. Much appreciated. Pass along the above link or this BLOG link to assist us in reaching the 500 signatures by the closing date.