It has come to my attention many times that vaccines are not safe. One would think vaccines and safety would be paramount to the people leading a country and to the people of the country. Most people believe that when we get vaccinated, it protect us. Toxicologist Ashley Everly says “antibodies don’t equate to protection” and “And at worst, they adversely affect tens of thousands of children each year by killing them or damaging them for life.”

These are big statements. Is she not qualified to say such things? In my opinion, people don’t just make these things up.

Recently, there was a Toronto City meeting where guests are able to speak out on vaccine hesitancy. With only 5 minutes on the clock for each guest, the guest speakers spoke as well as they could. It was clear that the city council was not budging and they are going to spend time and money are educating the vaccine hesitant people so that herd immunity or close to it the goal they set out for Toronto.

Vaccines and safety would be on the table more if it were any of their children that died. Agreed, we do not want polio to return. Measles are not deadly (perhaps for the few) and I would agree that natural immunity works best.

What if vaccines are compromising our immune systems? This would not bode well for when flus and colds occur.

See the bottom of this article for the complete meeting video and below for the transcript of one of the guest speakers. Go to time 1:47:00. Watch how unmoved the council is by the information. They appear to have made up their minds. I would have asked the Board of Health if they were aware of the information shared.

Shared by a writer: “If you were a parent who had a 12 mos old child who died due to a vaccine injection, how would you feel?

Says that parents of vaccine-injured or killed children now know the truth. They know that the science is inadequate to support the claims that vaccines are safe. You will not silence these parents through shaming, censorship, mandates and manipulation.”

Other guest Rosemary Fray, MSc Molecular Biology, Medical Writer and Journalist 1:20:00 (5 minutes).

Joel Sussman speaks:

“Are you aware that from 2004 – 2014 ZERO people in the US died from contracting measles, according to the CDC? During this same time, 108 people died from the MMR vaccine, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Are you aware that a 2011 study conducted by the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute found that 1 in 168 babies had emergency room visits within 4-12 days after their 12 month MMR vaccination and that several children died during the study? The number of deaths was not disclosed. One in 168 is a lot higher than the one in a million vaccine injury risk that parents are told about, isn’t it?

Are you aware the CDC holds 50 patents on vaccines and sells US $5 billion a year worth of vaccines?

Are you aware that Merck’s package insert on the MMR vaccine lists DEATH as only 1 of dozens of possible side effects? Have any of you read a vaccine insert?

Are you aware that the US Congress has ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”?

Are you aware that vaccine safety studies are almost always conducted by vaccine manufacturers, and that NONE OF THE VACCINES ON THE CHILDHOOD SCHEDULE WERE TESTED AGAINST A TRUE INERT PLACEBO? They were tested against an older vaccine or adjuvant such as aluminum.

Are you aware that Pharmaceutical drugs under the FDA are safety tested for an average of 4.5 years prior to licensing? Vaccines are tested (on average) for 4.5 DAYS prior to licensing! 4.5 days vs. 4.5 years.

Are you aware that a Harvard Pilgrim Hospital study, funded by Health & Human Services in the US, revealed that less than 1%
of vaccine injuries are reported? This means that more than 99% of vaccine adverse reactions are not reported or acknowledged.

Are you aware that the US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out more that US $4 billion due to vaccine injury and death? Are you aware that Canada is the only G7 nation without a vaccine injury compensation program?

The CDC uses Institute of Medicine reports to support their claim that Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism. IOM’s 2011 Report on Autism concludes, “The evidence is INADEQUATE TO ACCEPT OR REJECT a casual relationship between diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid, or acellular pertussis-containing vaccine and autism.”

Institute of Medicine’s 2011 safety report reviewed Varicella, Tetanus, Hepatitis-B & MMR vaccines. 155 health conditions were studied. In 134 cases the literature was INADEQUATE TO ACCEPT OR REJECT CAUSATION.

Does this sound like the science is settled to you?

If you are not aware of these facts, then you have no business imposing this poorly tested medical procedure on Ontario’s children.

And if you are aware, then you are participating in medical and scientific fraud.

The vast majority of parents of vaccine injured or killed children now know the truth.They know the science is inadequate to support claims that vaccines are safe. (see paragraph above). You will not silence these parents through censorship, shaming, mandates and manipulation.

Until Health Canada authorizes an independent long term study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated, you are wasting everyone’s time.

No amount of pressure from Health Canada, Public Health, the Toronto Board of Health or the corporate controlled media will ever convince us otherwise. Our trust has been broken.

In a 2018 Globe & Mail opinion piece, Neil Rau & Richard Schabas said this, “The borderline hysteria, fuelled by the media and public health that greets a few cases of measles is unwarranted.”

Mr. Rau is a respected immunologist on the staff of University of Toronto. Dr. Schabas recently held the post of Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario.

Perhaps you should listen to one of your own.

Congress was blackmailed into drafting the NCVIA in 1986, does everyone know what that is? Just in case. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Vaccine manufacturers were losing multiple big money lawsuits surrounding injury and death from their products. They demanded Congress pass a law to give them legal immunity. In doing so, Congress said you must do safety studies annually and you must report to Congress every two years. In a 2018 lawsuit, it was proven that HHS did neither of those things – no studies and no reports to Congress for 30 years.

Your “science is settled,” one size fits all agenda intended to lead all citizens down the path of compulsory vaccination is in direct violation of the Ontario Health Care Consent Act, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, the Nuremberg Code, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Canadian Constitution as supported by a Health Canada Statement.

This is Canada. It is not Salem, Massachusetts 1692.
It is not Berlin 1939. THIS WILL NOT STAND!!! Thank you for your time.”

Be open to learn because injuries happen from vaccines and shots. It may just be your child, granddaughter, or a loved one.

Full comment:

Toxicologist Ashley Everly
“I spent years digging into the research on vaccines, and came to the understanding that vaccines pretty much “work” the same as all pharmaceuticals, but are much, much worse. At best, they can sometimes prevent symptoms (which is not even a good thing – temporary infections are beneficial as long as the individual has proper nutritional support)… but not infection. And they certainly don’t provide immunity to anything (antibodies don’t equate to protection). And at worst, they adversely affect tens of thousands of children each year by killing them or damaging them for life.
Vaccines are one giant experiment. The proper clinical studies have never been done. And then of course how many times has the pharmaceutical industry fudged their clinical studies anyway and the FDA turned a blind eye…? The two infections that people use to claim vaccines work is polio and measles. Polio eradication is a joke and easily disproven with some digging. Measles… well they don’t count any measles cases that occur within the few weeks post-vaccination, as measles, so how could we ever trust the data? It’s ridiculous. I could go on forever. None of this is even debatable if you’re a thinking individual who spends enough time making sense of the issue.
Let’s check our options here.
(1) Just trust the news media (70% of all advertising revenue in non election years comes from pharmaceutical companies), just trust your corrupt government (corrupt based on the admission of those in government), just trust the murderous pharmaceutical industry (verifiable in a court of law), just trust your doctor who knows nothing about vaccines (medical education designed to not actually educate, by the industry), and just trust the rest of medical system, which was created by the industry. But because there are a lot of well-meaning people who fall into this system, and they just can’t all be so misled and uninformed… we should just trust, despite the multitude of reasons to not trust, that it’s all for our benefit.
Or (2) Educate yourself on nutrition and healthy living and stop fearing benign, temporary infections that are designed to IMPROVE health.”

Note: Thanks to Matthew Cameron and his sharing of this information.

In my opinion, the people of this planet that accept vaccines because they have been told they were safe may very well have the eyes opened wide in the near future. As stated, the parents who have been affected are not going away. Mr. Kennedy (relative of JFK) has taken up the fight for safety.

Be open to read and absorbed both sides of the story. I for one, see safety as very important no matter the topic. And heck, if the vaccines are not entirely effective, then our tax dollars can be used for something else.

Vaccines and safety may be a heated topic but an important one, don’t you think? A balanced lifestyle and good nutrition will always trump drugs for our better health.

Joel Sussman addresses the City of Toronto Council on Vaccines and Safety – 1:47:00 – April 8, 2019

Note to self. Do not invest in pharmaceutical companies in the long run.