Herings Law of CureHering’s Law of Cure is by-george, one of the understandings I will never forget but it turned out to be only a starting point. Think of the Law of Cure as a ‘process the body goes through when healing itself’ or ‘a direction of cure’ that the body goes through. Even a cold or diarrhea can be look at as a process of healing where the body is discharging mucous and unwanted materials.

I first learned of Hering’s Law of Cure when I studied Iridology and it has never left my consciousness, especially when my clients may expect symptoms from cleansing. Hering’s Law of Cure deserves to be observed in every case where healing and detoxification is happening, and a reaction occurs. Hering’s Law of Cure doesn’t always come about due to all the unique situations of healing, and it is a double edged sword. Why is a double edged sword? Who is Hering? What is Hering’s Law of Cure and how have others played a role in Hering’s Law of Cure? Let’s explore these questions with an open mind noting that not all questions can be answered in this short article.

Hering’s Law of Cure is something happening with the body when it is healing or curing itself – this will include the emotional side as well as the physical body perhaps even the spiritual according to Dr. John Whitman Ray and Samuel Hahnemann. Let’s meet Dr. Constantine Hering and the person that would have been his teacher, the father of homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Constantine J. Hering M.D. (1800-1880)

Hering was a medical doctor in Germany. He was instructed to investigate homeopathy. In this investigating, he became a believer in homeopathy versus an opponent, so he is noted as being the doctor who brought homeopathy to America in the 1800s. He is noted as the doctor who first brought the observations of cure to a written law.

Samuel Hahnemann M.D. (1755-1843)

Hahnemann was the father of homeopathy. For homeopathy to be born, Samuel Hahnemann heard about a bark in Peru that cured malaria. In his deep curiosity, he used this bark with healthy people. The results were interesting. The people displayed malaria symptoms. Homeopathy is said to help by way of ‘like cures like’. Hahnemann also noticed the ways in which his patients got ill and also got healthy.


Peruvian bark or cinchona for treating malaria

Hahnemann also advocated ‘know thyself’ which is a yogic practice so immerse with observation is really knowing what is going on with the body, mind and spirit. Can we ever really look at one person in isolation unless true healing is not the goal.

‘Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) observed that there were general tendencies in the way that his patients got ill and then well again, [1] but it was Dr Constantine Hering (1800-1880) who codified this pattern, based on the growing quantity of observations by homeopaths.’ – Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century

Hering’s Law of Cure

Hering’s Law of Cure can be simply stated as “All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.”

The longer version as written in an essay by Dr. Roger Schmidt:

Says Hering, the cure proceeds;

  1. From top to bottom. A symptom or a set of symptoms may slide down. What appeared on the head may go to the chest, then the abdomen, then the legs before going away entirely.
  2. From within to outward. The problem may leave the innards of the body and surface on the skin, nails, hair, and/or mucous membranes before disappearing. If the patient has an ulcer in the abdomen, during the treatment if the patient suddenly develops a profuse discharge of any of the mucous membranes, or develops a scary rash, then the direction is towards a cure. In such a case the subsequent acute manifestation should not be disturbed and must be allowed to take its course.
  3. Backwards in time. The present symptom may be replaced by what has taken place prior to it, moving backwards the way it developed. For example a kidney failure patient may go back to his cardiac manifestation, then the severe abdominal complaints he may have suffered earlier may resurface. Then the eczema or psoriasis that was suppressed earlier may recur which when treated holistically, or by continuing the present method of treatment will cure the patient.
  4. From the more important organ to a less important one. As stated above the affected kidney may heal with the disease going to the heart, then the liver, the abdomen, then the skin before affecting a cure. A mental symptom like anxiety may be relieved as the disease takes hold of a physical organ and then moving on from the more vital organ to the less important one.

According to Walter Last, Dr. John Whitman Ray expanded on the law of cure to include emotional. Dr. Ray had a variety of credentials including BA, ND, DSc, PhD, MD (MA), Dr Ac. In my research, it was clear that Dr. Hahnemann also wrote about the emotional importance but it was not included in the Hering’s Law of Cure. Hering himself wrote about it as well. These doctors had a good understanding of disease and healing and with natural resources.


dr john whitman ray

Dr. John Whitman Ray 1998


“A healing crisis will occur only when an individual is ready both physiologically and psychologically. The basic foundation for all healing is nutritional preparedness. A healing crisis will begin from within out, in reverse order chronologically as to how the symptoms have appeared, tempered by the intensity of the trauma. The individual will have the opportunity to re-experience each trauma, both physiological and psychological, beginning with the trauma of least severity. It must be recognised that traumas involving emotions, which include all traumas, will be released in order, beginning with unconsciousness, then apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and eventually enthusiasm (love), in conjunction with the appropriate word patterns for each emotion and thought pattern (sensory memory) which are accessible at each level. Unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are the keys to apply and transmute any resistance at any level, once these resistances are brought to view through the application of the laws of love, light and perfection.”


Should we then stifle or stop the symptoms of colds and the flow of diarrhea? No. It is imperative that we allow the body to get rid of the mucous. Whether something surfaces upon the skin or else where on the body, the healing must take its course. It is imperative that the person recognize the importance of a clean healthy diet, fresh air, exercise, and healthy eating habits. Keep the mind clear and let the emotions flow. All symptoms are a result of traumas and stress, poor eating habits and diet, with a lack of fresh air. There are many things that stress the body, from toxins to not being happy, feeling guilty to sitting for long periods of time. The list of toxins would be in the thousands so I will not list more than several: artificial fluoride in water and toothpaste, artificial flavours and colours, heavy metals such as inorganic mercury in vaccines, pesticides sprayed on food crops, preservatives in clothing and furniture, chemicals used in skin care products, and highly processed foods such as vegetable oils.

Both Sides

From my research it is clear that practitioners and doctors be aware of the conditions and symptoms the person has. The practitioner needs to be able to understand what is happening with the person in need of feeling better and/or healing and that the condition is not getting worse but better in light of the law of cure. First, study the law of cure and understand it. This is for all doctors, practitioners and energy healers.

Part of the Hippocratic Oath “I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.”



There seems to be a clear process the body goes through in order to heal in an ideal way when medications and such do not interfere. Diet and other healthy practices facilitates the healing and if adhered to regularly then the person experiences well-being but not necessarily all the time in light of today’s world of busyness and indulgences. Accept the colds and flus and let them run their course of dispelling any discharges. Body, mind and spirit are together in your well-being. Some of us may have limited knowledge on what they are or feel that others know more. Most people agree with intuition. Clear your thoughts to tap into your inner guide, your intuition.

So I ask myself, are there two main streams of medicine today? Allopathic and Holistic. Pharmaceutical drugs and plant based remedies. Vaccines and natural immune boosting scenarios. Surgery (outside of wounds) and other solutions. Both looking at helping the person in a different way. The education would surely be different. What if medical doctors were able to specialize in homeopathy? What if medical doctors and medicines embraced the Law of Cure?

The last thing I want to recognize is that all humans have free will to choose.

Enjoy your life your way. Listen to your body and gut.

Stay tuned for Cheryl’s upcoming book ‘All Guts, All Glory’.



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As my studies continued, it became obvious that there is an intrinsic connection between the mind, body and spirit which directly affects our health and happiness. Also learned that Omegas are another critical piece of the wellness puzzle. I became convinced when the Auum omegas alone turned on some switches in my brain in just one day.
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