Chaga_Mushroom Distant Hill Gardens Giddy YoyoAccording to many, most North Americans have not heard of chaga.

What is chaga?

a) Is it a Peruvian dance that is now popular in Brazilian clubs?
b) Is it a comfortable skirt worn in Africa made of natural strong plant fibers, very soft durable cotton like material?
c) Is it a Australian character in a computer game bringing attention to the importance of fitness to school children?
d) Is it the sticky stuff that make stickers stick on fruits and vegetables?
e) None of the above.

Can you tell I played the game Balderdash?  The answer is none of the above.

Diving more into the world of nutrition and what our wonderful world naturally creates for us this article captures Chaga in modern times. Siberians, Japanese, and Chinese are familiar with the chaga mushroom under the following names:

‘Diamond of the Forest’

‘King of Herbs’

‘King of Plants’

‘Gift of God’

‘Mushroom of Immortality’

Chaga Mushroom on birch treeWith names like these, let’s learn more about this rare fungus only found on birch trees – hard as wood, gold on the inside, black on the outside, unique mushroom that seems to have a great strength in order to survive the harsh climates.  My initial research shows it has the potential to help with the effects of stress and disease.

According to many articles and videos, it is apparently all of the following and more:

– anti-cancer and anti-tumoral (the black outside part of the chaga mushroom)
– #1 antioxidant in the mushroom kingdom or in the world
– an immune tonic
– anti-inflammatory and healing
– cleansing/detoxifying

Chaga Mushroom in Modern Times Chunks

Many people from Siberia, Russia, China, Korea, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere have been consuming chaga as a daily beverage for its longevity nutritional properties.  Russia saw the benefits and gave it to their athletes for strength.  This makes the chaga mushroom good for anti-aging and disease prevention. Some will call it a power source and adaptogenic.  One of my favourite products (outside of seal oil omegas) is an adaptogenic tonic.  According to the Seven Stages of Disease, inflammation and the aging of cells are part of every disease and there is only 2 root causes and one other thing that stands out with living well – STRESS management which includes the matters of the mind.   Adaptogenic is helping the body manage stress. It is all connected.

Chaga may contain these powerful and most essential substances:

– B vitamins
– minerals (copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron)
– enzymes (superoxide dismutase or SOD)
– phenols (chromogenic complex)
– flavonoids
– pantothenic acid
– melanin
– beta-D-glucans, a type of polysaccharide


Antioxidants has a big market share in the Health and Wellness Industry…in pills, juices, as food like berries, vitamin C, etc.  There are similarities between the two but yet differences.  How processed are they? What is the sugar content? Do you notice a difference?

I noticed a positive difference the very first time I drank a cup of my own brewed chaga tea. Similar with the seal oil, I felt more alert within minutes (sublingual absorption). Both wild ancient healing foods that peoples knew about for hundreds of years.  Be aware of cultivated chaga which is not the real deal, and I only know of one seal oil that is not refined (Auum Omega 3) . With my research and experience, it makes a difference.

I have to agree with them on its pleasant enjoyable taste and highly recommend the chaga tea to others.

Someone gave me a palm size piece of a chaga mushroom from Northern Ontario.  For over 3 weeks, I have been using the same mushroom broken down into several pieces to brew some chaga tea which simmers for hours.  I have chose not to add any milk/sugar because it tastes great as it is but one time, I did add some of my raw milk to see what it would taste like, but only when it was warm and not hot (based on my own food preparation beliefs) and it tasted good. One could probably add to some ice for hot days.

Chaga Mushroom in Modern TimesYes, there is research, there are videos on how to locate it, harvest it, prepare it, what the benefits are and I suggest you have your own fun or join me for some chaga brew!

Making chaga tea.

Stress with a Big “S”

When scientists share with us that they believe 80% of all diseases are mainly due to stress, what are your tools for managing your stress?  I would suggest that your stresses are unique to you and more than one tool would be the way to go. Perhaps a dose of chaga tea regularly?


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Antioxidant Small Phenolic Ingredients in Inonotus obliquus (persoon) Pilat (Chaga) (Full article link)

With gratitude to Fiddlehead Heaven in Canada for their hard work and passion in the area of chaga and mushrooms.

May you live long and prosper \/ dear friends.


Cheryl Millett Holistic Nutritionist

Cheryl Millett
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Before the age of 20, it never dawned on me that what I chose to put in my mouth would have such a dramatic effect on my wellbeing.
On my path of discovery, I learned that our eating choices directly affected how much energy we have first thing in the morning or that it would build our immune system strength during flu season.  I came to understand how gentle nutritional cleansing directly helped overcome my health challenges. People keep telling me how beautiful my skin is or how I look younger.
As my studies continued, it became obvious that there is an intrinsic connection between the mind, body and spirit which directly affects our health and happiness.  I learned that Omegas are another critical piece of the wellness puzzle. I became convinced when the Auum omegas alone turned on some switches in my brain in just one day.
I have developed a deep appreciation for the wonderful miracle workers our bodies are in the recovery process.  Our bodies have a natural intelligence.  I am passionate to share the connection between nutrition and wellness in my practice and my presentations.

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