The Roehampton ’Food for the Soul’ Society defines the eating healthy social experience. We serve up sumptuous foods; innovatively designed for the middle aged, baby boomer, and empty nesters. The guesswork is taken out of “Eating food that is enjoyable to you in the quantity that is right for you.”

Toronto Dining Extraordinaire in Many Ways! Delight your palate and explore the simple messages.

It’s time for healthy indulgence; have fun with like-minded people who have much in common for the best dietary choices. Always something fresh, exciting, and out of this world to taste and try!

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Our Mantra…

Proper portion control with proteins and carbohydrates

Balanced sodium, healthy fats, whole grains

YES to whole foods and healthy sugars

We prefer organic, hormones free, sustainable (you get the idea).

Roehampton Food for the Soul Society Salad

What’s on the Agenda at Roehampton ‘Food for the Soul’ Society?

Chef Sharon Elston (aka The Spice Lady) and Cheryl Millett BSc Holistic Nutritionist (aka The Veggie Lady) present a whole food meal with exceptional healthful ingredients that will nourish your mind, body, and soul. The occasional guest chef might just make an appearance to showcase their talent too!

Cheryl shares a learning component with the benefits of the ingredients. Sharon is available to answer any culinary interests on the meal preparation.

New and exciting products to share, quizzes, giveaways, and even more surprises.

Are you interested in meeting some wonderful new people and spending quality time with close friends exploring new culinary delights? Do you want to learn more about how to eat and cook delicious food better? Then what are you waiting for? Give us a call to reserve your seat. This is going to be so much fun and so good for your heart and soul.

Check out what is next on the menu at Roehampton ‘Food for the Soul’ Society!

Roehampton Food for the Soul Society Luncheons Dinner Toronto Cheryl Millett

Enjoy ‘Refreshing Spa Water’ every time!

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Perhaps…Food Art Therapy

Play With Your Food and Indulge in Your Creation

Food Art Roehampton Food for the Soul Society

We want to introduce some exciting condiments that will tickle your taste buds to beyond.

We have discovered some flavoured premium balsamic vinegar that we are crazy to have you try.  How ’bout some lemongrass mint to wet your appetite for your food art innovation?

We are creating a tasting and creating bar to stimulate your artistic senses.

Freshest artisan ultra premium extra virgin olive oils from around the world

The finest cask aged balsamic vinegar

Delicious imported and domestic low fat low salt cheese

A variety in season farm fresh vegetables

An array of artisan bread for home baked crusty croutons

Some exotic spices to sample and more

BONUS: Introducing our “And Now For Something Completely Different” segment for interest.