Cheryl Millett Grow your Wellness Business with the Holistic Mentorship Course“As a Holistic Practitioner, I want to bring it all together and build my practice.”

Develop your confidence and grow your wellness business while you work and study from home.

The Holistic Mentorship Course with Cheryl Millett will show you the ways to increase your knowledge and build your practice.

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This Course is dedicated to all the Holistic Practitioners and Mentors for their dedication to help others and building a healthier world. Our community provides guidance and support with our common thread for a healthier body, mind, relationship with self, and lifestyle.

As a practicing Holistic Nutritionist I have found these five things to be most helpful:

  • Mentorship Course where I received detailed information on protocols with information I could use immediately to start practicing – this gave me confidence and there was ongoing support for the year
  • Tools to get to know the client/person, for example a physical assessment using various modalities
  • Mind-Body Healing to understand that the mind has something to do with all imbalances and health conditions
  • Attitude, willing to listen, being open, asking questions and using intuition
  • Supplements, filling in the gaps and aiding in the healing process

Introducing the Holistic Mentorship Course

My reasons for creating the Holistic Mentorship Course are two-fold. I heard time and time again from other Holistic Nutritionists that there was so much more to learn.

1. Helping others develop good business practices

After completing my schooling I realized that there were gaps in what I needed to know to establish a successful wellness practice. I benefited greatly from completing a mentorship course which provided me with the fundamentals of setting up my business.  This included opening my office, promoting my services, attracting clients, developing a good relationship with my clients, managing the financial practices and more.

2. Providing a comprehensive understanding of how our bodies heal

I understood there were natural remedies and other concepts that if I had learned earlier would have helped me in my practice from the beginning.

A complete guide for you to grow your business, and practice your passion while exploring opportunities and new experiences.

Holistic Mentorship Course Outline

Good Business Practices:

  • business, practice and client ready implementation
  • location and setting up your office
  • promoting your services and identifying prospective clients
  • key documents and assessment forms required for your initial appointment
  • developing client relationships and follow-ups
  • assessment tools you can use in your practice immediately (i.e. Iridology, tongue)
  • informational handouts for clients
  • helpful financial practices

 Continuing Education of Nutritional Principles:

  • the mind-body connection – using it to create the right environment for change
  • the stages of healing and disease
  • the clean diet, getting your client off to a good start
  • protocols and foods for various conditions
  • a review of supplements and medicinal plants and their role in prevention and healing
  • effective and safe cleansing techniques, including natural cost efficient methods 
  • includes special nutrition for children and athletes
  • resources and references to expand your understandings

The Holistic Mentorship Course (HMC) includes:

  • a weekly webinar with Q&A
  • emails
  • reading assignments with handout documents
  • homework exercises
  • 30 minutes before and after HMC with Cheryl Millett

The Holistic Mentorship Course will provide you the tools to successfully grow your wellness practice with confidence.

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