“Let food be thy medicine; medicine our food”

Hippocrates, the father of medicine

A Tibetan Lama shared that there are four pillars of physical health – nutrition is one of them.

Doctors turn Nutritionists…
Dr Carolyn Deanbernard jensen
Weston a Price

WHO are some of the people that have moved away from one health profession to another because they learned just how important nutrition was for our health?

  • Dentist turns Nutritionist – Weston A. Price
  • Medical Doctor turns Nutritionist – N.W. Walker, MD
  • Doctor of Chiropractor turns Nutritionist – Bernard Jensen DC
  • Psychologist turns Nutritionist – Gabriel Cousens “There is a Cure for Diabetes”
  • MD turns Nutritionist and more – Carolyn Dean
  • MD turns Nutritionist – Jerry Tennant “Healing is Voltage”

And many more…