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Mammalian Omega 3 with balanced Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A palmitate added

So much information in the media has recently revealed the critical need for D supplementation due to Vitamin D3’s many proven health benefits.  However, much less has been published to date regarding the critical relationship that exists between adequate and balanced amounts of both Vitamin A and D as it relates to getting the full benefit of either. Vitamin A and D must be provided to our body in the proper ratio in order for either to be fully effective.  Optimized use of Vitamin D within the body requires sufficient amounts of Vitamin A present. (Fish liver oils provides these nutrients in a high ratio of Vitamin A as compared to D, and concerns regarding the overabundant Vitamin A content that naturally occurs have been raised by experts in the field.)  In fact, having the Vitamin A in the proper active form, as well as the proper ratio, is just as critically important as having our Omega-3 and Omega-6 in the proper ratio.  Auum Essential D3A provides these added nutrients in the perfect 1:1 ratio.  Auum uses the bioactive palmitate form of Vitamin A and natural Vitamin D3 for optimum utilization in our bodies.

Vitamin A plays an important role in vision, bone growth, reproduction, cell division, and cell differentiation.  Although Vitamin A has not been found to be an anti-infective, it does help to regulate the immune system making white blood cells, which in turn destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.  Vitamin A also aids the function of our skin and mucous membranes as a natural barrier to such bacteria and viruses.  When such surface linings of the eyes, respiratory, urinary, and intestinal tracts are healthy, they can more effectively prevent the entrance of bacteria into the body.

You may not be deficient in Vitamin A.  However, those with special circumstances may desire to have this balanced formulation.  Many athletes, bodybuilders, personal trainers and martial arts instructors have long been aware of the need for Vitamin A with their Vitamin D supplement.

If you have had good results with Sublingual D, you may get even better results with Essential D3A, especially if you are an athlete burning through nutrients and needing quick turn around time after exertion along with continued performance focus.

Do you suffer from night blindness? Vitamin A plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy night vision.  Oil soluble nutrients travel together in our blood.  So taking your Omegas together with Vitamin A and D just makes sense.  Essential D3A can be quickly assimilated for use by our bodies without any further conversion.

Auum Essential D3A provides Vitamin A (retinal palmitate) in the perfect 1:1 ratio with D3, along with balanced, highly absorbable, animal-sourced Omegas in a formula that is designed to be taken sublingually. Truly a healing balance!

Auum Essential D3A has an added natural lemon flavour, so tastes great.

Results in the field have been remarkable.

The suggested dosage is 1 ml per day.
This amount provides balanced Omegas along with 1,000 IU of D3 and 1,000 IU of Vitamin A (as palmitate) in each dose, which corresponds with Health Canada’s recommendation to supplement with 1,000 IU of D daily.  Such levels have been determined to provide sufficient nutritional value to maintain bone health and prevent rickets.

Therapeutic dosages may vary individually. Please seek the advice of your health care professional.  As a healthcare practitioner, I recommend 1 tsp (5 ml) to be taken daily but this product is not for everyone. Please contact me for more information.

What research indicates regarding Omega 3, Vitamin A and D3:

  • These nutrients help to maintain skin tone, cell membrane fluidity, a balanced immune function and appropriate inflammatory response
  • These nutrients support cardiovascular health including healthy blood vessels, good circulation, regular heartbeat, and maintenance of balanced triglyceride levels
  • Vitamin A is important for healthy eyesight and the development and maintenance of night vision
  • These nutrients are necessary for visual acuity, motor skills, cognitive ability and proper neural function and health
  • The healthy Omegas promote healthy eicosanoid levels involved in joint health, and including prostaglandins known to keep arterial vessels pliable and plaque-free
  • Vitamin D assists in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D facilitates the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
  • When D receptors (VDR’s) lining the intestine (and present in parathyroid glands, brain, kidneys and bones) are full of D—about 5,000 IU is required for this, the intestine is then capable of absorbing upwards of 2,000% more calcium

Activated Vitamin D is the master key required to enter our DNA library to determine the correct response for continued health.  An increase of D levels is directly linked to improved skin, eye, heart, vascular and respiratory health, as well as enhanced metabolism (weight management), strong bones and improved sleep patterns.

What Auum Customers are saying:

Auum D3A – what can I say?  If you’ve been using using the Sub D, it’s simply a step above.  However, the thing is this…the my observations of those of my athletes using it are that it enhances the senses to an amazing degree.  Touch sensitivity increases as does taste, hearing, vision and smell.  This may not mean that much, unless you realize that the senses impact every aspect of your life.  When you are more sensitive to subtleties, the way you interact with life changes dramatically.  You may want this or you may not.”
“Another observation is how fast the body recovers from injury.  At 46, I recover faster than the average 25 year old.  If you’re an athlete, fast recovery means you’re back in the action sooner. If you exercise hard, fast recovery means you’re building muscle faster… building muscle means tearing and rebuilding…the foundation of improvement is tearing away the old to make room for the new.”  “If you push yourself… you need D3A”
Michael Z Kiyoshi – 7th Degree Black belt, Sinsei Kempo

“My son was born with a genetic condition called Chromosome 8p Inverted Duplication … a nice, long name that we translate to “global developmental delays.”  It affects things like his speech, eyesight, balance, muscle tone, and developmental milestones.”
“After putting my son on the new Auum Essential D3A, I immediately started seeing little changes that most likely only a mother would notice.  My son was more attentive and was very eager to interact with me in conversation (he didn’t use words that we could distinguish, but the “babble” increased significantly).  Then other changes started to become more noticeable.  His teacher in school commented that he was following instructions more independently and was very active.  At home, this “activeness” meant running around the house full speed which he had never done before due to balance issues.  We have now had very clear words emerge.  When I asked him if he wanted his banana, he responded “BANANA!”  He actually said the word!  Then one night as we were walking into the house, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and pointed to the sky.  I looked up and saw the night sky was full of beautiful stars as always on a nice clear night in the country. But what was amazing was that I had tried to show him the stars before and he never seemed to take interest or notice.  Now he was mesmerized.  How wonderful! My son’s improvements keep coming along daily.”  Rose-Anne

Frequently asked Questions about Auum Essential D3A:

Why does the label say to take only 1 ml per day?
This dosage of 1 ml contains 1,000 IU of D3, corresponding with the daily amount recommended
by Health Canada.  A person’s D requirements may vary due to a variety of factors. Check with your doctor or health care practitioner for information as to your personal requirements.

Can I use D3A topically?
This product was not designed nor licensed to be used topically. However, many athletes and others with joint issues are now revealing that they are regularly using the product topically with great results.

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